How Salesforce Lightning can Empower Your Business

For the last 16 years, Salesforce has a consistent look and feel.  In 2015, Salesforce launched its new platform, known as Salesforce Lightning. However, Salesforce users have been consistently using Salesforce classic and are much more comfortable with its user interface. Through its Lightning version, Salesforce has launched a new interface that is capable to increase organizational productivity and help in their faster deployment and seamless transition across all devices.

A number of Salesforce Classic users have switched to Salesforce Lightning and many are planning for this migration. Today in this article we will discuss Salesforce Lightning with its features and the reasons to choose this new Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Lightning

As we discussed above that Salesforce Lightning is a new version of Salesforce that has numerous advantageous features. It has been considered a better platform as compared to Salesforce Classic. The features of Salesforce Lightning are the reasons due to which organizations are planning to switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. They are listed below:

1. Better User Interface

The new interface of Salesforce Lightning does not only look new, but it is more dynamic and flexible as compared to the Classic interface. It can increase the user’s productivity by decreasing screen toggling time and allowing your team members to work more efficiently. Through this new interface users can also provide a transition between mobile devices and desktop,

2. Lightning App Builder

Salesforce Lightning app can customize the pages with easy drag and drop configuration. The user or sales reps can customize their home pages or desktop by using reusable Lightning components that may be required for their profile and organization. Lightning builder provides an interface that can be used to customize the desktop and develop the application.

3. Sales Path

Sales Path allows the user to define the key stages for their leads and opportunities. They can highlight and mark the important or key fields of any stage. They can use these fields to complete their sales process activities. They can easily enter the required information and move to the next stage of the Sales process. In this way, lead closing becomes quicker for any sales reps.

4. Kanban View

Kanban view helps in managing the opportunities. Through this view, you can represent four key fields for an opportunity. You can easily drag any record to its next stage as well. Moreover, the events and tasks can also be created related to any particular opportunity. The user can see the updated information of any pipelined activity.

5. Enhanced Dashboards, Reports, and Charts

Lightning reports look enhanced and rich in features. These reports can be added to the list of views. Even the Dashboards keep on updated within regular intervals and are not restricted to three columns. Salesforce Lightning reports have graphical representation and have huge upgrades.

Why Use Salesforce Lightning?

There are lots of benefits of Salesforce Lightning apart from the above-listed features that make it powerful and feature-rich. Some of the considerable major reasons are listed below:

These reasons are more than enough to choose Salesforce Lightning. Latest innovations or three upgrades in a year keep it update and rich in features. More than 55 new sales cloud pages are equipped with more than 150 new features. It is considered as a much more efficient and productive tool. Lightning Voice feature of Salesforce gives the user freedom to make voice calls to the customers just through from within the Salesforce.

Salesforce1 Mobile App is the mobile-friendly app of Salesforce that enables mobile access of the Salesforce platform. Lightning builder helps users in developing mobile and desktop friendly customized Salesforce apps. Even user can also integrate third-party apps with Salesforce to enhance its capabilities.


Salesforce Lightning is the latest version of Salesforce. It has increased the capabilities of Salesforce Classic and is capable to engage their customers. Salesforce developed Lightning based on the feedback of its Classic users. Many organizations are migrating to Salesforce Lightning due to its highly beneficial features and capabilities. If you are also a Salesforce Classic user and planning for the migration then do not wait and experience its power.

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