Salesforce Kanban

Salesforce Kanban Board - All You Need to Know

  • The Kanban load-up was initially evolved in Japan ('Kanban' deciphers as 'announcement') by Toyota to work within the nick of time (JIT) assembling and conveyance. 
  • To oversee JIT, Toyota required an unmistakable outline of their assignments, their assets, and their ability to convey. 

When Would You Use A Salesforce Kanban Board?

  • You can utilize a Kanban board for any activities that can be separated into singular assignments you need to oversee. 
  • A Kanban see transforms a rundown of undertakings and cycles into a reasonable visual portrayal of work process and venture status, allowing you to see bottlenecks and different territories that may require consideration.
  •  It's additionally the ideal apparatus for overseeing stand-up gatherings, and for when you need to keep on top of the situation with each assignment (e.g., from In Progress to On Hold). 
  • What's more, inside your Kanban board, it's not difficult to work together with different colleagues, the simple-to-utilize Chatter highlight. 

Why Use A Salesforce Kanban Board?

  • On the off chance that you've at any point asked yourself how you can discover what projects you have booked, the number of assets you need, how long you've signed on an assignment, or how productively your group is dealing with their errands, at that point you need Kanban. 
  • Investigate your business. Could these benefits assist you with smoothing out your ventures and adhere to your spending plan and cutoff times? 

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Straightforward Visuals

  • The exquisite interface of Salesforce Kanban offers a really satisfying and conceivable visual understanding of every one of your errands, their status, and other related data
  • With a Salesforce Kanban board, you get a visual outline of your undertakings – one focal virtual board for the entirety of your venture errands. 
  • This implies you can monitor projects all the more effectively, noticing need tasks, proprietors and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

Expanded Efficiency And Visibility

  • A vital benefit of the Kanban see is that it assists you with setting and tracking impediments on the work in progress so you don't finish or under-plan assets. 
  • This implies more joyful representatives and more fulfilled customers


  • Utilizing your Salesforce Kanban board is just about as simple as composing a sticky note and connecting it to a board. 
  • It's intended to be natural, so you don't have to invest energy in preparing. 


  • Inside Kanban, you can tweak your cards and board to suit your undertaking. The Kanban adaptability implies you can utilize it for practically any industry or any sort of cycle. 

Which Salesforce Kanban Board Features Could You Use?

Control Task Status

  • Except if you're utilizing genuine whiteboards to deal with your activities, this is the simplest framework to utilize so you can see and deal with all assignments initially. 
  • Essentially intuitive to change the situation with an errand. For instance, you may have a venture 'On Hold' since you come up short on an asset. 

Alter Your Board to Suit Your Project

  • Utilize the five preset qualities (dates, time allotted, time finished, rate finished) or tweak esteems utilizing the Settings button in the top menu. 
  • On the off chance that you need to return to the past setting, basically, click on the Settings symbol again and afterward click on the Reset button. 

Alter Actions

  • Inside each card, you can alter activities effectively utilizing the Edit pencil. 
  • Each activity card has a one-of-a-kind' Venture Action Number' (PAN), which makes for simple reference. 

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Team Up With Chatter

  • Utilize the Chatter highlight to team up with partners or to discuss straightforwardly with others on the undertaking. 

Reassign Ownership Of Actions

  • Utilizing the parts on the right, you can basically move the photograph of the individual you need to reassign to the activity – simple. 

Track Down The Right Person For The Job

  • Utilizing Roles channels, you can discover the individual with precisely the range of abilities, expertise capability, and group enrollment that you need. 

Access And Manage Your Action Checklist

  • From inside your activity card, you can add things, tick off finished activities, and see an outline of the number of activities you've finished. Less pressure, greater efficiency. 

Log or Track Time

  • This aids in charging as well as tells you how proficiently you've conveyed the work versus the assessed exertion



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