Salesforce ERP Integration

Salesforce ERP Integration – Evaluate Your Sales Opportunities Accurately

Vendors that respond faster gain more business opportunities. This is why companies must empower their sales reps with instant customer and prospect information access by integrating their ERP system with the Salesforce platform. After all, any delay in retrieving information can lead to a loss in the business opportunity which is unacceptable. Salesforce ERP integration enables your sales team to access everything from customer data, payment history, generated invoices, orders, quotes, products, and processes to inventory data. In this document, we have highlighted the importance of integrating the Salesforce platform with your ERP system to empower your sales team to create more business opportunities with end-to-end visibility.

Integrating Salesforce with your ERP system provides several benefits to organizations as it brings all the vital data that you need in one place. At Softweb Solutions, we transform businesses with comprehensive Salesforce integration services such as Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pardot, Exchange App, and Salesforce Einstein. Our Salesforce developers are well-equipped to help you with flexible, scalable, and secure Salesforce-ERP integration.


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When you integrate Salesforce with ERP, you can deliver error-free sales quotations instantly without any hassles. Additionally, your sales proposals can also be converted into actual orders, along with functionalities like tracking order status and real-time visibility of quotes. Moreover, your customers can also be notified regarding any changes in the order.

Each time product lists are updated or prices are revised in ERP, the changes are automatically reflected with Salesforce Price Books and other synced applications. Therefore, your frontline sales representatives will gain the ability to quote accurately without any manual errors. Importantly, they will be aware of any product related updates such as a change in sales price or description.

What you will get from the document:

  • Understand why you need to consider Salesforce ERP integration
  • Benefits of the integration
  • Accurate sales quotations
  • Maintaining consistent customer profiles and more

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