Salesforce Einstein Analytics - a brief overview and comparison with SAP Analytics Tools and Microsoft Power BI

What is Einstein Analytics and how it will support for your business to reach to the next level?

Normally the people who are controlling the business, need to see the complete picture or some different analyzing of their business frequently. And also the managers or other members want to know what is going on the sales aspect, how is the opportunity pipeline goes? how much they won? how much they have closed or they want to see some different views in the service perspective, are customers happy? are the cases are closing on time? etc..

And the other part of the analyzing is if the Salesforce org is connected with other systems , the centralizing of the data will be tricky. As an example if the system is connected with a financial system, the top management need to see how much profitable is their business from Salesforce itself by using some filtration s, etc. Another point is the data that the company have currently is very huge and it's continuously growing.

So Salesforce Einstein Analytics came in to picture in order to avoid those bottlenecks and develop and improve your business continuously. Salesforce is recently launched the most intelligent data expert which is helping the businesses to grow faster. Einstein Analytics is a non-human personnel data sentient to monitor about the sales progress and to make better sales decisions and identify the key business developments. Using Einstein forecast, it is possible to identify potential issues in the future and address them early and giving some deeper insights. Einstein Analytics is available as a mobile app which can be access from anywhere.

Einstein Analytics can discover the data in the Salesforce system or in any other external systems and visualize them in a nice graphical interface and then perform some insights and predictions which will be affect for the business and possible to perform some automatons of the analyzing.

These days AI is very popular and it is performing some functions like auto compete when we are searching some content, voice recognition , facial recognition and also lives in self driving cars, humanoid robots etc. Salesforce Einstein also delivers AI across the platform which is lives in lots of Saleforce products such as Sales Cloud , Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, App Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud.

What is Analytics Studio

Analytics Studio is a configuration environment for the data visualizing on top of the Einstein platform. Analytics studio can create and manage datasets that can be import from internal and external sources. Using Salesforce Analytics studio , administrators can create interactive and eye catching apps and dashboards quickly by using some dataset filtrations and merging data sets, etc..

Once administrator creates some dashboards , then the teams can have wide space of analysis and do some immediate or long term actions by looking on it or giving some business quires on it. Team managers can have better visibility of their team performances. As an example service team managers can get the customer satisfaction of their services etc. It can also compare other datasets parallely in order to do some better analysis. Business users can simulate how to make adjustments to make it improve in the business and also post reports individually or to the groups by using chatter feed or direct emails.

Comparing with SAP Analytics Tools.

SAP has several business intelligent tools like SAP Lumira, SAP Analytics cloud and SAP Business Objects. SAP BO is more in to the reporting tool which is suited for generating reports in tabular formats / charts and SAP BO is not for the giving predictions and discover deeper in to the data via an artificial intelligence.

SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP’s new cloud solution for the business intelligence. User's can configure dashboards with different data sets and visualize predictions for the big data. SAP Analytics cloud comes with a mobile app like Einstein Analytics Mobile App.

The SAP Lumira Discovery is a software solution which is allowing to the user to retrieve specific filtered data for a business query and user's can visualize data with the dashboards via different graphical charts.

In overall, the Einstein Analytics and the SAP Analytics Cloud plus Lumira is performing some same equal features and it's bit difficult to say what is the best product for the data analyzing ,because each BI system is addressing for their needs by their own perspective. Salesforce Einstein Analytics will performing the all actions as a one product. But Salesforce has no standalone software product like Lumira which can be download and install to analyze the data. Salesforce is doing mostly same thing using only a web interface. SAP BO has some similarities with the Salesforce reports and dashboards, like drag and drop environment to create report plus dashboards, etc.

Comparing with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a nice and very popular business intelligence tool. It has both desktop version like SAP Lumira and web interface as well. I think as the integration perspective power BI having a good platform support comparing with Salesforce Analytics and SAP Analytics. But Einstein Analytics and Sap Analytics also can perform integrations at a good level.

In the market Power BI is the leading tool as per the Gartner as of February 2018. And also in a short time Salsforce Einstein Analytics making a really nice performance in the market as per the Gartner.

What is Einstein Discovery?

Einstein Discovery can automatically analyze for millions of data combinations and visualize reports behalf of the team. Einstein Discovery generate smart insights without having a human data scientists. And Einstein Discovery is giving full story what is happening and what should be done as the next step in order to develop the business. And also it can be generate insights and presentations using some few clicks. Einstein Analytics mobile app is also available to download for both ios and android.

Salesforce Analytics REST API Overview

Einstein Analytics also known as Wave Analytics which is the same Salesforce Product. Salesforce Wave Analytics Rest API is a highly scalable and highly performing api which has more governor limits than other Salesforce API's. This API is returning the query results as native JSON response. You can access Analytics features such as data sets, dashboards and lenses (lenses is a different filtration of a dataset) programmatically using the Analytics rest API. You can find more Salesforce Waves API in below.

Wave Analytics using a query language (SAQL) to retrieve data from datasets. SAQL stands for Salesforce Analytics Query Language which is different language from SOQL or SOSL. SAQL is more in to the big data queries.

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