Salesforce Development Services Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Salesforce is a CRM solution responsible for connecting companies and customers. The need for Salesforce services is increasing day by day. These services are beneficial as they help to come up with custom solutions for individual business needs. A developer or a team of them makes these services possible by coding for apps and then coming up with solutions. All of it takes place on the Salesforce platform. It lets developers build cloud-based apps. Salesforce Platform is quite famous. It ranked 6 on Fortune Top 100 companies for work 2022. Looking at its demand, here are the trends to watch out for in Salesforce development services in 2022.

AI and Machine Learning

AI is highly essential for Salesforce as we need it for offering a better consumer experience but AI focuses on helping in CRM with these features.

  • Predictable Scoring: Provides insights and sources for scoring
  • Predicts the future of the site: It forecasts the future value of an investment in your business
  • Suggestions: AI is known for giving recommendations for online shopping and service categories for businesses

Machine Learning is the heart of AI. Machine Learning in Salesforce and marketing analyzes information and suggests the best response. It divides cases and diverts them to the best agent. Machine Learning mainly deals with marketing by suggesting better ways to seek the customer’s attention.

Customer 360

It is a Salesforce CRM development service tool allowing firms and companies to create a single unique customer ID and connect it to Salesforce apps. Customer 360 builds a perfect picture of the customer by taking an average of all the given data. It can also relate and sync info about the users. Customer 360 is used in CRM for contact lists and histories. It increases customer engagement with companies by bridging data.

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It is an open-source platform for connecting data sources to apps. It is also very instinctive and easy to use. So, here are some extra features of Mulesoft:

  • Out of the box features for better Development
  • Reliable, secure, robust, and scalable
  • Manages all interface aspects in an effortless way
  • Helps in building and maintaining new APIs
  • Has a template like the design for Salesforce CRM development services

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a component-based framework for app building, and JavaScript is used in it. Lightning is the first choice for users for building responsive mobile apps, no matter which platform. The best part being there is not much coding needed in it. But yet, the features are still perfect. Also, there is a variety of homepage components like widgets, charts, records, and other insight features. It is beneficial for users who are not familiar with technical things. It is also very recent and includes a timeline for users to have better insights, thus, ensuring very high performance. Therefore, here are some additional features of the platform:

  • Modern Interface
  • Easy to use
  • Not very costly
  • Persistent updates
  • A customizable homepage and lightning console apps 

Mobile-Optimized Apps

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day. In fact, as of today, there are more mobile users than there are laptop or PC users. Salesforce CRM development services improve the way of using software development kits for making more and more responsive interfaces for apps as well as sites. Thus, making it easy for customers to get more and more product-related services. They have also brought tools for changing the whole way of mobile app development. Here is an interesting fact.

  • Apps made on Salesforce are surprisingly also on the world’s best CRM platform.

Automation In Marketing

Marketing automation is primarily needed in Salesforce CRM development services. That is because it helps a lot in achieving sales-oriented objectives without having us put a lot of our time and effort into it. Also, there are various Salesforce tools for marketing automation. These tools increase sales with the help of social marketing on different platforms. Moreover, these tools also send automated emails to consumers. Therefore, letting them know about discounts and keeping them up to date with all the new changes in your business. Marketing automation manages all areas of campaigns with ease. Thus, all these features make marketing automation a very effective method.

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Benefits of Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce services are one of the most sought-to services in the world. Therefore, there is no doubt that it offers a massive variety of advantages. So, let's take a look at a few of them:

  • A drastic increase in sales: It allows you to exchange data and make deals in no time even with phones. Because of the way it works and the way it changes and adapts according to customer needs, you will surely see a jump in your sales.
  • Predicting the future of your business: There are more chances of the number of customers rising than falling, thanks to the forecasting of Salesforce. It always provides deep insights and keeps you filled in because of its algorithms. It can see the future of your online business due to it.
  • Also increases productivity: If you feel stuck in your business and are looking for ways to get back on track, no worries. Most tools always guide you and come up with new and attractive ways to get your business back on track again. This is such a great benefit because even handling and taking care of the reports becomes quite comfortable with it.
  • Easy management: Salesforce helps in improving customer relationships with the help of its tools. The best part here is, you can monitor their activities. Also, it outlines the consumer need for providing you clarity of what they are looking for in Development. Other than that, it even allows customer interaction with the help of feedback. Because of this, you will perfectly know what's going well and what's not.


It is quite right that these services do help a lot in managing and improving your online business in many ways. So, these were the advantages and all the trends to watch out for in Salesforce CRM development services.


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