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Salesforce Community Cloud Is Now Experience Cloud

A long-expected announcement finally came from Salesforce; Community Cloud has been renamed Experience Cloud. The move to embrace Experience is a purposeful reaction to the market’s adoption of the term and better reflects Salesforce capabilities as a true Digital Experience Platform that can support a client’s complete digital landscape. Community Cloud felt limited to singular portals and websites. However, the platform and market needs are much, much broader.

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, is a digital experience platform that helps companies quickly build connected digital experiences for their customers, partners, and employees at scale. Combining features like Salesforce CRM, CMS, and Experience Builder with a suite of prepackaged apps, companies can easily create and deliver personalized content, websites, portals, mobile apps, and storefronts—with clicks, or code.

Here at QRS, we are excited about this announcement for so many reasons. Here are the top 3:

1. Experience is Our Thing

While we are proudly recognized as “the communities experts,” we have spent a decade advocating for the adoption of Connected Experiences. It’s right in our mission: To create an online community that transforms businesses and enhances people’s lives. We are proud to be recognized by Salesforce as a partner who led the acceleration to this expanded view of what connected experiences can provide to customers.

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2. All About Business Value

Salesforce renaming of Community Cloud to Experience Cloud is a validation of what we have known for a long time: data-powered digital experiences that support collaboration and leverage automation to drive real business value. Imagine what is unlocked when all your user interactions are interlinked and all of the data comes back to one place. When Salesforce is leveraged by the experts at QRS, real business results are very common.

3. Critical Role of Tech Expertise

The phrase “clicks, or code” may seem inconsequential in the above statement by Salesforce, but this is actually a HUGE messaging departure for the company, which has prided itself on being known for “clicks, not code” (emphasis ours). We are amped that Salesforce is acknowledging the business value that can be unlocked through both development and customization. That’s because we have been doing just that for some time: leveraging platform expertise, development, and configuration to create highly maintainable, tailored solutions across a full range of digital experiences.

This change represents a move into the future. Community Cloud offered Salesforce customers a chance to deliver Salesforce-powered interactions to their users. Experience Cloud builds on that foundation by adding CMS, Mobile Publisher, and more to power the entire user journey, bringing together content and data both on and off the platform to drive meaningful enterprise solutions.


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