Salesforce and ServiceNow Integration Benefits

Salesforce and ServiceNow are two popular CRM systems for business owners that are used by almost every other organization. Both are the high-level feature and service providers and are different from each other in multiple aspects.

Today through this article we would clarify the steps of Salesforce and ServiceNow integration steps. Through this blog, you can easily know the steps to integrate Salesforce and ServiceNow and leverage the benefits of both CRM systems.

A Brief Introduction to Salesforce and ServiceNow

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system that helps to manage and maintain the long-term customer’s relationship in an easy manner. Plenty of cloud-services are offered by Salesforce that is compatible with mobile and windows operating systems, Following are the popular Salesforce clouds:

Sales Cloud Marketing CloudService CloudChatterCommunity CloudAppExchange

On the other hand, ServiceNow CRM system offers IT asset management solution for almost every business size. Some of the most used and beneficial services of this CRM system are asset management, compliance management, real-time prioritization, etc. The iPhone, web-based and Android platforms are supported by this system.

We can compare both the CRMs in many aspects. They both are CRMs but provide different functionalities. That is why their integration can provide the complete capability to any business organization.

Why Integrate ServiceNow and Salesforce?

In today’s digital world organizations may need several applications to run their business operations smoothly. They may want to connect with their required business apps in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner. Through integration, one can take advantage of both the systems by syncing their data. Many organizations are extending their capabilities by such integration like the users need not switch between ServiceNow and Salesforce to use the features of them, while being logged into one system, they can use the functionality of other.

 Integration through QuickConnect

QuickConnect is free of cost integration app that is available on the AppExchange platform of Salesforce. This ready-to-install app can be used by organizations to integrate Salesforce and ServiceNow apps. It is a bi-directional synchronization app that can synchronize the ServiceNow records with Salesforce and vice-versa. User can easily access contracts, contacts and Salesforce case just through a single button click.

User can also send the contacts from one app to another through scheduled batch jobs for any particular time interval and requirement.

ServiceNow Functionalities

Both end synchronization functionality, i.e. from Salesforce to ServiceNow and from ServiceNow to SalesforceTo synchronize the ServiceNow records, an Apex batch is written that can get all the contacts, incidents, users and contracts records from ServiceNow and the same will be reflected in Salesforce.

Apex batch can be run by the users and as a result, they will get the ServiceNow data instantly and can then schedule Apex batch to run on a particular time interval.

There is also a detailed page button that can help in synchronization between Salesforce and ServiceNow records the name of this button is “Sync with SNOW.”

Below listed objects are involved in this integration:

Here the synchronization is performed on the corresponding objects like Account object of Salesforce will be synchronized with the Company object of Salesforce and Case object with Incidents. Following image shows the synchronization of two objects. Here this synchronization will be scheduled one, and it will be performed just through a button named SNOW Coding:

Here are the snapshots of various Salesforce and ServiceNow object synchronizations:

Synchronization of Salesforce Accounts

Synchronization of Salesforce Contact with ServiceNow User

Synchronization of Salesforce Case with ServiceNow Incident

Synchronization of Salesforce Contact with ServiceNow Contract


Salesforce Integration with Third-Party Apps

Salesforce can be integrated with almost every popular and most-used third-party applications including Gmail, Yahoo, Google Analytics and many more. User should know the steps to complete the integration. That is why Salesforce is considered as one of the most customized and configured CRM. On the other hand, ServiceNow cannot be integrated easily with the popular apps and may need lots of efforts and assistance of experts. Moreover, through Salesforce the organizations can quickly and easily get their ROI and so as with ServiceNow, it can also provide quick ROI if it is implemented correctly.

Overall Verdict

Salesforce is a suitable CRM for Android and Apple or iOS-based devices, whereas ServiceNow is only compatible with Windows-based systems. Both the CRMs offer a large set of functionalities, but at a time you can only choose one CRM which are not alike.

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