Salesforce and Gmail Integration

Salesforce and Gmail Integration | The Perfect Integration Guide

Salesforce Gmail Integration

Gmail is a free Web-based Mail service that provides users with gigabytes of storage for emails and information and provides the ability to search for specific messages.  

The company was inspired to create Gmail because most of the users complained about problems with existing Web e-mail services, such as the constant need to delete messages to stay within storage limits and the lack of any searching ability. With more than 2.1 billion active users since 2021, Gmail has become one of the most popular email platforms globally and now you can integrate your favourite online email service with the Customer Relationship Management platform, Salesforce. 

This Gmail and Salesforce integration is available for any kind of business or industry that requires a more personalized experience and wants to use all the features of this incredible Salesforce integration. 

Before you go, your organization needs to have a Salesforce License, and you should be a Salesforce user. If you don't have a Salesforce License yet, you can go to the Salesforce site page and look at every one of their items and estimate and figure out the best one for your business. 

On the off chance that you are a Salesforce User and are all set, you can proceed to the following steps. 

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Set Up the Gmail Integration

  1. Click and select Setup. 
  2. From Setup, enter GMAIL in the Quick Find box in the left side pane and then select Gmail Integration and Sync. 
  3. Toggle the Button to Turn on the Gmail integration. 




After Turning on Gmail Integration Add Salesforce Extension to your Chrome Browser for that you can go to Google, search for Google Extension and select Chrome Web Store 

Then, search for Salesforce and select the Salesforce Extension 

After that, you can add the Salesforce extension to Chrome by clicking ADD to Chrome Button on the window as shown in the figure below. 

After adding an extension to chrome open Gmail in your browser here you have got a Salesforce extension in the side pane now login to your Salesforce org.   

Log in to Salesforce



Finally, after login into your Org. you are all set and ready to go! 

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Benefits of Integration

  • By getting quick access to customers' related information and sending emails without the hassle of toggling between the tools. 
  • You can create new records from your Gmail. 

  • We can use Salesforce Email templates to communicate with customers and partners. 
  • By Searching for any record from the Org. 
  • It can also be configured according to the user’s specific needs.  
  • It can help you track an email sent to Gmail as an activity in Salesforce or track all the account’s information. 
  • It can increase your and your team’s efficiency, gain quick access to all client’s interactions and needs, and customize your Gmail processes to relate to your Salesforce environment. 

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