Report and Report type for a Custom Object in Salesforce

Report and Report Type for a Custom Object in Salesforce

It’s an easy task to create a Report for a Standard Object because salesforce provides some standard report types for the standard object,  But when we want to create a report for a custom object then we have to follow some steps for that. Whenever you want to build a new report then Salesforce gives the suggestion of standard report types. Now you have your custom object and you want to create a report for the records of your custom object.

You can create report type from two types-

  1. Whenever you create a new object then check the checkbox of “Allow Reports” (Image 1). It will automatically create a report type for that object. And when you’ll go for creating a new report for your custom object then salesforce provides an option for that custom report type (Image 2).

Image: 1

Image: 2


2) If you did not follow the first option and there is a top-down relationship between objects and you want to customize that relationship  then you have to follow some following steps for creating custom report type:

  • Search “Report Type” in Quick Find search box  and click on “New Custom Report Type
  •  Fill all the required fields of Step 1, In Deployment Section Click on “Deployed “ Radio Button  and click on Next Button

  •  In Step 2 Make the relationship of Objects. It means if your Object has Lookup field of another object than choose the relationship of both Objects and select the Parent object in “B” Section. And click on “Save” Button


Now you have created the custom report type. And later you can add a new custom field in page layout. From “Fields Available for Reports” section click on “Edit Layout” button and add your new desired fields.

After creating Custom Report type, You can use this for creating a Report.

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