New AI-Powered Salesforce Education Cloud to Boost Student Success

New AI-Powered Salesforce Education Cloud to Boost Student Success

A few days ago, Salesforce unveiled its new AI-powered Salesforce Education Cloud. This includes Intelligent Degree Planning and Skills Generator, designed to help institutions provide students with personalized graduation plans, transform coursework into career-ready experiences, and facilitate mentorship programs.

Additionally, Salesforce introduced Data Cloud for education and Einstein Copilot Recruitment & Admission Action, which automates routine tasks, enhancing recruitment, enrollment, and student support.

Amid high burnout rates among educators and only 11% of college students feeling workforce-ready, educational institutions face challenges like the enrollment cliff and declining trust in the value of a degree. To address these, schools need solutions that reduce staff workload while improving student outcomes.

New AI Capabilities in Education Cloud

The latest AI enhancements for Salesforce Education Cloud, built on the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform, aim to help K-12 and higher education institutions leverage their data for trusted AI solutions that boost staff efficiency, learning outcomes, and student experiences.

  • Skill Generator: Helps develop curricula that enhance workforce readiness by analyzing program and course data to identify market-relevant skills. This makes it easier for advisors and students to understand which classes to take to acquire specific skills and how to showcase these skills on resumes.
  • Intelligent Degree Planning: Assists in creating personalized degree plans, offering a clear path to graduation. Students can track their progress in real time and understand the remaining requirements for graduation.
  • Einstein Mentorship Summaries: Manages mentorship programs by summarizing mentee needs and mentors' experiences, enabling better matching between students and alumni.

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Salesforce Education Cloud

AI in Action: Transformative Tools for Faculty and Staff

  • Einstein Copilot Recruitment & Admissions Action: Uses generative AI to respond to prospective students' inquiries quickly and accurately, drawing on institutional data. It helps identify questions that need further assistance, improving recruitment and admissions processes.
  • Data Cloud for Education: Integrates data from various sources into a unified model, providing a complete view of students and reducing the need for staff to piece together data from multiple systems.
  • Intelligent Question Generator for Student Intake: Enhances intake questionnaires, making them more personalized and efficient for assessing student needs in advising, extracurricular activities, and other programs.

Inside the Salesforce Lens

Salesforce Education Cloud's AI and data technologies are tailored to help K-12 and higher education institutions provide more personalized student support while increasing efficiency and reducing staff burnout. This allows educators to focus on improving student outcomes, such as career readiness, well-being, and graduation rates.

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