Migrating Your Existing Salesforce and Jira Integration to Sinergify

Migration process, ugh! That’s the usual expression when we hear about switching from one technology or tool to another. And that’s because transitioning to a new ecosystem is never easy to adapt to when you are used to the existing systems and processes.

Adaptation is, however, just one challenge. The other major challenge in the migration process includes protecting existing data and ensuring a smooth onboarding to the new system.

But it all gets nullified when we speak of migrating to Sinergify from your existing Salesforce and Jira integration. The migration can be completed in a short time span of 72 hours or less.

Be it a custom integration or a connector, our product experts have made moving to Sinergify is made real easy.

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Reasons for Moving to Sinergify

The most common reasons we have come across include:

  • The existing integration is not flexible and scalable.
  • The existing integration or connector doesn’t offer the capabilities you need.
  • The existing integration doesn’t offer customizability.
  • The existing integration doesn’t support multilingualism.
  • Your experience with the vendor hasn’t been good.

These are just some of the common reasons because of which customers consider moving to Sinergify.

Difficulty Level of the Migration

Well, it’s nothing much compared to typical migration processes. As we already mentioned, it can be done within 72 hours or less. The time frame totally depends on the amount of data that is to be pushed to Sinergify.

Would the Migration Impact the Existing Processes While the Transition is On?

TOTALLY NOT! The migration process will be handled by our technical team who have successfully carried out several similar migration processes.

The transition would only be pushed live when everything is in place. Your users would not even know anything has changed at the backend, except for the fact that they will have more capabilities in hand, with an enriched experience.

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What Would You Need to Do?

Nothing, technically! It totally depends on you. Since the transition process will be handled by our team of technology experts. The only thing that you need to manage is gathering the existing data.

And, you might not even need to do that. Our experts can do that for you if you are comfortable with providing system access to us.

The Transition Process

The process is fairly simple with pre-configured migration scripts in Sinergify.

To explain the complete process in detail, our technical team has drafted an eBook including everything that will be handy for you to understand the nitty-gritty of what goes into successfully moving to Sinergify.

You can download the eBook from here.


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