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What is the top priority for any business today?

If you anticipated it as ‘Customer Experience’, you are probably right.

Recent research found that nearly 86% of customers intended to pay more for a better experience.[i]

Companies that earn $1 billion a year will see an average gain of $700 million within three years of investing in customer experience.[ii]

Therefore, businesses that successfully implement customer experience strategies can achieve better customer satisfaction rates, minimize customer churn, and increase ROI.

And a better customer experience can be provided through superior customer service.

One way to deliver good service to your customers is to manage their cases efficiently. The key to ensuring good case management is to provide seamless information across the entire service team so that they have everything they need to resolve a case.

In this blog post, we will discover why case management is important for your business and how you can master the art of customer service with case management.

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How Can a Case Management Solution Help Businesses?

A case management solution streamlines unstructured support processes. The core benefit of such a solution is to enable support reps to effectively manage cases, make data-driven decisions, and deliver solutions to customers in as little time as possible.

Here are some of the major benefits of a case management system other than resolving customer issues.

Enhanced Customer Understanding

Case management equips the agents with every detail regarding the service history, order status, and communication preferences. Thus, customer interactions can serve a whole new purpose of understanding the customer better. Personalized service can provide rich insights about the customer, which, in turn, can be beneficial for the entire organization.

Case Assignment Based on the Skill Set of Agents

When the right case is assigned to the right agent, you can witness a better chance of resolving the case faster. For instance, an incoming case is assigned to an agent in accordance with their expertise. As a result, the customer will get the expedited solution, leading to an improved average handle time for businesses.

Automated Tasks for Better Productivity

Case management solutions facilitate automating recurring tasks to reduce the burden of support agents, which further accelerates the process of case management.

Case management systems lead to business growth through improved customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention.

Case Management in Salesforce

If your organization uses Salesforce Service Cloud to manage customer cases, there are numerous out-of-the-box features that support case resolution. Email-to-Case is one such feature that automatically converts incoming customer emails into cases and logs them into Salesforce.

Although the usage of Email-to-case functionality is widespread, it may hold you back from reaping the full potential of your Salesforce Service Cloud as it:

  • Creates duplicate cases from an email thread.
  • Offers limited email templates to choose from.
  • Doesn’t automate reopening a closed case or provide notification if a customer has new information.
  • Doesn’t notify you if a new issue is created by the customer in a closed case.

Enter – Email to Case Advance (E2CA).

A Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready solution that speeds up the case resolution procedure and helps you make the most of your Salesforce investment.

Unveiling the Features of Email to Case Advance

Email to Case Advance is a powerful solution that extends the capabilities of Email-to-Case. It facilitates enhanced efficiency of support agents in resolving cases via email in Salesforce.

It is equipped with exceptional features that provide simplified and streamlined case management to provide effective and enhanced employee as well as customer experience.

Email to Case Advance enables you to:

  • Provide notification to everyone, including those in CC and BCC.
  • Prevent duplicity of cases on an email thread.
  • Auto-populate cases from emails forwarded by employees.
  • Handle your response to closed cases.

And more.

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How Email to Case Advance Delivers a Stellar Customer Experience

Email to Case Advance empowers the support teams to enable effective and efficient customer service. Here’s how.

  • Create Feed From Email for Enhanced Employee Experience: This functionality creates cases and auto-populates using customers’ emails sent to support agents. It lessens the burden on support reps to manually convert cases from emails to cases, which further enhances employee experience.
  • Efficient Case Resolution With Clean Case Comments and Emails: This functionality ensures greater visibility by converting the text as well as the subject in the email to the case, resulting in efficient case resolution.
  • Configure Automated Article Suggestions: Articles related to customer cases are suggested from the knowledge base which in turn assists in making case management time effective.
  • Keep Teams in the Loop for Better Collaboration: To keep all the team members on the same page, this feature allows us to keep them in the default email loop and receive further notifications as well. This saves time to update team members about the current status of a case, allowing them to work together in the same direction.
  • Filter Closed and Non-Customer Cases: It enables the filtering of cases received.
    • In the case of a closed case, the user can choose to “re-open the case,” “create a new case,” or take no action.
    • In the case of a non-customer case user can choose to “stop case creation”, “auto-close with email”, “create new contact”, or “create new lead”
    • This feature gives clear directions to avoid inconsistency among the team members related to a particular case, accelerating the process of case resolution.


Customer service is the backbone of superior CX. To provide a stellar customer experience, businesses need to empower their agents with simplified case management solutions.

And if you are a Salesforce Service Cloud user, Email to Case Advance empowers your support reps to accelerate customer support operations and provide faster case resolutions.

Email to Case Advance can be a game-changer for managing cases with ease and taking your customers’ experience up a notch.

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