Lightning Platform Mobile for Mobile App Development with Salesforce

Mobile has always had an effective and transformational impact on companies. But unfortunately, many companies face trouble delivering an intuitive user experience as a customer expects from a brand. To change that, businesses have started adopting Lightning Platform Mobile for mobile app development to bypass expensive development work successfully.

Using mobile applications to run businesses is an idea every company seeks to adopt, considering the ease of getting connected with customers. The only drawbacks could be the development complexity and the time-taking process. With Lightning Platform Mobile, Salesforce has cleared those issues once and for all.

Using Lightning Platform Mobile for Mobile App Development

Salesforce came up with Lightning Platform Mobile as a set of tools and services, contributing to change the way of conducting mobile app development. The major problem companies face with mobile app development is the difficulty to create highly functional apps with intuitive user interfaces. Lightning Platform Mobile has resolved the issue.

The platform has empowered businesses to bypass complex and expensive development practices to deliver enterprise-level applications that are future-proofed, fast, and track customer data.

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Features of Lightning Platform Mobile for Mobile App Development

Lightning Platform Mobile has simplified the practice of development with Salesforce with its features like:

Mobile Builders

Nowadays Salesforce developers are using Mobile Builders to create an immersive mobile experience in a low-code development setup. It has pre-built JavaScript components which developers use as the building blocks for developing applications.

Mobile Builders also allow admins to create mobile apps using their spreadsheets and easily configure the user interface of the application.

Mobile Services

It is a feature that makes it easier for business users to manage backend services. Mobile Services enables admins to make powerful mobile apps and combine them with workflows.

It also allows using declarative AI services of Einstein in mobile app development and integrate the app to third-party data. The feature also allows using mobile push notifications.

Mobile Publisher

With Mobile Publisher Salesforce admins can publish apps directly on the Google Play and App Store. The complete process of packaging and submission can be handled by Mobile Publisher, which speeds up the process of getting the apps published.

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Get an Enterprise-Level Application Developer To Make Your Business Mobile

Not only for connecting with customers but making the business mobile will also increase productivity with better chances of expansion. All you need is the help of certified Salesforce developers to get you a suitable application.


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