Process Builder in Salesforce

Learn All About Process Builder in Salesforce and Its Features

Would you like to make a record for any item from a work process? Would you like to call your Apex class from a work process? Would you like to naturally present a record for endorsement without squeezing the "Submit for Approval" button or without composing a trigger? The appropriate response is Process Builder

Salesforce acquainted an incredible component with meeting every single above prerequisite, and it is called Process Builder. 

Presently, how about we examine what the interaction developer is and how to utilize it. 

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What is a Process Builder? 

Interaction developer is utilized to mechanize more complicated business measures just by a couple of points and snap activities. It gives a client – well-disposed portrayal for building interaction in Salesforce.

  1. Catch Bar - Utilize the catch bar to implode and extend activities, clone the interaction and actuate/deactivate the cycle.
  1. Canvas - Canvas is a primary working environment for the interaction
  1. Add Objects - The records that the cycle ought to assess
  1. Criteria - Passage standards hub incorporates conditions that are utilized to assess the records.
  1. Actions - On the off chance that the standards meet for the record that begins the interaction, the activities start quickly or at a booked time.

Interaction Builder is the following adaptation of a work process instrument. You can carry out all the work process activities with the exception of outbound messages, utilizing Process Builder. Likewise, Process Builder gives some extra elements to achieve complex streams. Interaction manufacturer highlights: 

Make a Record​  - Makes a record by physically entering esteems or by utilizing the upsides of related records

Update any connected record - Updates at least one record—that is identified with the record that began the interaction—by physically entering esteems or by utilizing the qualities from related records. 

Quick Actions - Make a record, update a record, or log a call by utilizing an item explicit or worldwide activity that you or one more executive made for your association 

Launch a Flow - Dispatches a stream from your interaction to robotize complex business measures—makes streams perform rationale and empowers occasions to trigger the streams through measures—without composing code

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Send an Email - Effectively send an email from an interaction by utilizing an email alert. Email cautions are designed outside of the Process Builder and contain the standard text, rundown of beneficiaries, and layout for the email. 

Post to Chatter - Post to the feed of a client, a Chatter bunch, or the record that began the cycle. 

Submit for Approval - Present the record that began the cycle for endorsement. 

Apex -  

  • Presently, you can call an Apex from a measure manufacturer for a specific situation without going for trigger and Visualforce. 
  • And furthermore, that Apex ought to have @invokeablemethod.


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