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Salesforce Journey Builder:-

It is a tool that empowers marketers to design and automate campaigns that guide customers through their journey with a brand.

Following steps are used in journey builder -

  1. Prerequisites - A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services contract is required for organizations that use Journey Builder.

    Note - Before you create journey you need to know that your Marketing cloud org is supported journey builder.

  2. DataExtensions - you have to create a Dataextensions to send a Email by using journey builder .When import the Data of salesforce that is basically known as Salesforce Data Extensions. It is used when we send a Email to subscribers.
  3. Channel Content (Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Other)- Before adding one or more channel Activities to a journey, channel content like email messages, SMS messages, or Push Notifications must be created. This task is commonly performed by marketers.
  4. Create a journey - Click on new journey
  5. Journey settings - In journey settings you have to select the default Email addresses or Default mobile number and Also you select the three contact entry you can select only one at a time.
    • Select No re-entry
    • Select Re-entry at any time
    • Select Re-entry only after exiting

Steps which are used as follows:-

  1. Create a new journey.Click .Select No re-entry
  2. Re-entry at any time
  3. or Re-entry only after exiting.Click Done
  4. Entry Sources – The entry source on the canvas tells Journey Builder where customers entering this journey come from. Each journey must include an entry source.

Journey Builder Audiences

Conditions for using these entry sources -

  1. Automation Studio Audience - Contacts in a sendable data extension that is included in an automation should enter a journey.
  2. Email Studio Audience - Records in a sendable data extension or Salesforce data extension in Email Studio should enter a journey.
  3. MobileConnect Audience - Records in a MobileConnect list should enter a journey.

Some Others entry sources -

  1. Salesforce Data Entry Event – Contacts enter the journey based on events and object state changes in the Sales and Service Cloud.
  2. Salesforce Campaign Entry Event – Contacts enter the journey based on changes or events related to Sales or Service Cloud Campaigns.

Create a Filter - we can create a filter  According to our requirements 

Create A Filter (1)

Canvas Activities - A canvas activity is the message action, decision, or update—or a combination of these—dragged and dropped onto the canvas to create a journey.

Messaging activities - Messaging activities include email, SMS message, push notification, or any other form of content sent to contacts. Message content must be created prior to designing a journey.

Contact update  activities - Customer update activities prompt the Marketing Cloud system to automatically update a contact’s data in a data extension.

Canvas Activities

Split Activities - Split activities divide a group of contacts that is following a path in a journey into separate cohorts that follow different paths.

Wait Activities - There are three waiting activity which are as follows -

  1. Wait for period of time - This wait type is the default selection, and is configured to a duration of one day by default. Its expiration date and time is the time a contact reaches the wait plus the duration configured in the activity.
  2. Wait until a specific Date - If selected, any contact that enters the wait is held in the wait until the specified end day and time. If the specified day and time has already passed when a contact reaches this type of wait activity, the contact immediately proceeds to the next activity.
  3. Wait for a Date based on an Attribute value - If a goal has been configured for the journey, Journey Builder evaluates each contact once daily while it's in the wait. If the contact meets the goal while in the wait, and the exit option has been selected for the goal, the contact exits the journey at that time. If the goal's exit option is not selected, the contact proceeds to the next activity.

Goals -Goals can--but are not required to--act as exit criteria. You can configure a goal so that reaching it removes a contact from the journey

Activation - Click Activate. Once activated, contacts enter the journey when an event occurs and filter criteria, if applicable, is met

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