Joining the #TrailblazerCommunity Groups Around your Location

As we all know meetup groups for Salesforce is going away and Salesforce has now invited us into their new platform - Trailblazer Community Groups to join meetings and collaborate with our fellow Trailblazers around our city/location.

So let's see how we can sign up for one of those nearby Trailblazer Community Groups. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time to sign up and you can fill in your profile later. This will enable you to be connected, get updates from all the community groups that you have signed up for.

Note: Going forward there will be no announcements from groups. All the meetup announcements will be coming from the Trailblazer Community Groups (sign up is necessary to get notified).

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Follow the below steps to get started.


  1. Goto - on your web browser
  2. Click on the "Login" on the top right corner of the page
  3. If you have already created a login profile you can jump to the Log in steps below
  4. If you are new to this page - Click on Create Account under the password box OR go to -
  5. Fill in your details and stop there... READ the next point before you hit Signup.
  6. Make sure you clicked the checkbox that says - "Yes, I'd like to receive email updates from Salesforce about the Trailblazer Community Group program. I can unsubscribe at any time." [This is very important to get email notifications about the group events that are being announced]
  7. Now hit the "Sign Up" button.
  8. Now check the corresponding email to see if you got the email verification link. [Always remember to check your spam folder in case if you don't see an email]
  9. Click the link in the email to verify your account.

So now you have created an account for yourself in Trailblazers Community Groups. Didn't I tell you it hardly takes only 5mins?  If you can spare 2 more minutes let's sign up for a nearby group in your location. Follow the below steps.


  1. Now Go to -
  2. Put in your credentials and log in and you would land up on the home page of the Trailblazer Community Groups.
  3. Go ahead Click on "Find Groups" and you will get a search bar.
  4. Now try typing your City/State/Any keyword from your group name if you know it.
  5. Select the appropriate option from the list
  6. You will be navigated to the Group listing page where you can see all the groups that exist in your area/location/city
  7. Click on any group that you wish to join and you will be navigated again the to appropriate group page.
  8. On the group page, you will be seeing the "Join Us" button. Click it.
  9. Boom! You have joined a Trailblazer Community Group.

Now you are all set. You will now be notified with email invitations and reminders before the event/meeting. You DON'T have to log in to this page every time to check for an event like in Easy peasy right?!

You might as well wondering now, why on the earth should I signup on this new platform? What difference does it make to me as a member? Well, certainly a fair question. But let me give you an idea of how Salesforce wants this initiative to be taken forward in future.

So initially when was managed by Salesforce, they had this following challenges:

  • 1000's of Meetup subscription costs
  • Limited ability to report on the active group members
  • Limited ability to see the growth and adoption of a group in a particular city
  • Moreover, the meetup group user experience doesn't inspire people to actively use it because of various glitches.

So Salesforce decided to leverage their in-house team to develop a new platform altogether so that they can now easily see:

  • Members who are the active members of a group
  • Members who are repeated attendees
  • how is the user/member adoption for a particular city
  • Also, it gives visibility to the various analytical data that they use to see how the Trailblazer Groups operate and handle their meetings
  • They can now provide feedback to the Group Leaders on inspiring our amazing #SalesforceOhana who spend their personal time to learn Salesforce.

So that's how Salesforce came up with its own platform for our awesome #Trailblazers and #SalesforceOhana to connect with the local Salesforce Community around their location. Hope you will your #Ohana soon through this Trailblazer Community Groups!

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