Salesforce Maps

Introduction to Salesforce Maps


Salesforce maps is an add-on paid product of Salesforce. It is a geo-location intelligence app that helps the business to optimize sales process territory management. Salesforce maps allow to scheduling and design of sales processes and routes in the map and produce results in visualization format. It is a location-based product that assists the sales team to target customers with planning on defined time and territories to improve sales productivity.

Device Availability of Salesforce Maps

  • Desktop or Laptop
  • Mobile device (Android, iOS)

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The functionality of Salesforce maps can be classified into the following four parts:

  • Better Data View - Salesforce Maps is built on the Salesforce platform, so you can do more than visualize your data; you can connect and modify data as needed. Visualize your location by prioritizing which accounts you should visit first, entering your calls, entering notes after each visit, and changing the required fields. All of this can be accessed through the Salesforce Maps interface.
  • Territory planning and management - Data viewing also provide insight into the alignment of spatial alignment. This data helps you determine how many reps are needed in a particular area and where they should be in order to maximize sales capacity.
  • Live Tracking - Live Tracking lets you pinpoint the map to track the location of delivery drivers, professionals, and any assets in your organization. Live Tracking is an additional product on Salesforce Maps and allows business leaders to track a car, property, or workshop in real-time. 
  • Planning and Improving Routes - Salesforce Map helps you avoid traffic. It gives you the best way to move from one point to another. Things get even worse when the whole organization wants to improve site visits. Not only do most of the people who visit a lot of customers have different stops along the way, but they have to make wise decisions about who, when to visit, based on business rules and requirements

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Elements of Salesforce Maps

  • Permission Set - Salesforce maps come with some standard permission sets, so firstly you have to assign those users to the related permission sets as required.
  • Marker Layers - Marker layers provide the data visualization on the salesforce maps. It displays the Salesforce record on the map according to the criteria you set while creating the marker layers. Such as a list of accounts related to a particular city, state or zip, etc.
  • Permission Group - It is a security model in which we can define the accessibility of users over the Salesforce maps. like what users can see, edit and create in Salesforce maps.
  • Nearby Maps - Nearby maps allow users to see the nearby records on the record detail page.
  • Base Object - The base object is known as the commonly used Salesforce object that consists of an address or Salesforce object that relates with other objects which consist of addresses.
  • ClicktoCreate -  It is a time-saving feature of Salesforce maps that helps sales reps to create the record in Salesforce without leaving the Salesforce maps.
  • Folders - Folders are used in Salesforce maps to store all types of layers, routes, etc. There are three types of folders that exist in salesforce maps:
    • Personal Folder
    • User Folder
    • Corporate folder


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