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Introduction to Salesforce Conga Composer

The growing demand of making everything digital and prior focus to make documents created and verified on the internet only, It is important to build solutions regarding the demand. In the world of Salesforce, managing data is the priority and as everything is on cloud it is rare to limit this data and in order to document it - this is tough. So adding the advantages of the apps present in doing so, Salesforce integrates apps from appexchange to carry out solutions. Conga Composer is one the document generation apps which is easy and popularly used. Conga composer is nothing but a very significant tool for documentation regarding tasks in Salesforce. This tool makes it very easy to create and deliver all kinds of documents via templates with salesforce data from any standard or custom objects. 

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Why to Use Conga Composer in Salesforce

To make sure that time is not getting wasted in generating documents for Salesforce record details and reports. To automate the document generation process for dynamic documents. Without using any connected app in Salesforce, it is very time consuming work to dynamically generate documents for each Salesforce custom or standard object.


You can install the conga composer app from appexchange, and install it for free trial in your org either production or in your sandbox. It is easy to install and it does not require any settings to be changed in the org regarding the post installation.

To use the advantages of conga composer add the URL button on any Salesforce object detail page. This button will make data available to merge in the document by retrieving all the fields on that object. Master object is the object on which the button or link is placed. 

Conga Composer Features

  • Conga template builder makes it possible to drag and drop the object’s field on the document. We find this template builder under the tools and settings menu of the conga composer user interface. 
  • To customize more in this app we can use SOQL to enhance the composer button or link which opens the gate for more to get on the document that will be generated. Other than the record data we can fetch any related data for that record by Salesforce reports or with the help of SOQL queries.
  • From the Salesforce report we can filter the report by Master Object ID so that it can get the related to the master object record. 
  • There are many built-in report generators from Composer wizard which help in to generate the report or document by clicking on the button which will be created by the wizard. 

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Benefits for using Conga Composer in Salesforce

  • Easy documentation
  • Easy document generation
  • Making document generation dynamic
  • Easy automation
  • Reusable templates
  • Email templates with automation
  • Very simple to understand and use

In the end, I would like to conclude that to enhance the documentation whether to automate it or not, try your hands on this application then it will be easy and beneficial for the user only. It is just a matter of some time to have its knowledge and use it for the business requirements.

Reference: support.conga

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