Improving Customer Experience With an Integrated System

The Challenges

The client was using two separate systems – Salesforce for customer support services and JIRA Software Cloud to track and release development operations. But, there was no integration between both the systems and causing many challenges.

It became difficult for developers, QA testers, managers and customer support team to visualize and keep track of everything at one place. There was no real time update of customer cases in Salesforce system, resulting in bad customer experience. It was also hard to prioritize which task to be resolved immediately due to no visibility of customer cases ( created in Salesforce) to JIRA users on their project boards. In addition, agile product owners could not plan their sprints well in advance because the time-boxed work was not accounted for in the sprints.


The Solution

A customized, integrated solution was needed so that the support staff could see the information in Salesforce and development team could continue working with JIRA. To solve the challenges, the client collaborated with OSSCube to deploy a custom Salesforce-JIRA API integration solution.

Data from the two systems – JIRA and Salesforce CRM – now integrates automatically so the client can make the most of both the tools. It gives automatic creation of issues in JIRA based on the status of the case in Salesforce in a simplified and robust view. Comments and attachments from JIRA can selectively be sent to Salesforce. The solution also provides real-time bi-directional synchronization of customer cases/issues between JIRA and Salesforce for faster problem resolution.

The Result

The integrated solution provides support team and development team with accurate, up-to-the-date case information. It creates consistent visibility into information from the two systems in real-time to prevent duplicate, error-prone data entry.

It now enables project managers to plan their sprints more accurately. The productivity has improved across the board. With real-time syncing between the two system, the support team can provide the exact SLA to the end customer for their issues, resulting in a better customer experience.

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