Implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud with QuickStart Solutions to Achieve your Business Goals

Are you a business leader looking to capitalize on the power of Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Implementing this powerful solution can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. The good news is, with the right tools and resources, a successful Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation project does not have to be intimidating. With QuickStart Solutions, businesses can quickly jumpstart their customer success journey without breaking the bank or sacrificing performance.

This blog post will explore QuickStart Solutions for implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud and how it helps businesses achieve their goals.

About QuickStart

QuickStart Solutions for Salesforce are designed to help organizations implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud quickly. In addition, these solutions provide a ready-to-use framework for businesses looking to implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud or its components.

One of the significant benefits of QuickStart solutions is that they are configured with industry-specific best practices. This means that businesses can start using the Revenue Cloud quickly without requiring extensive customization.

Understanding Salesforce Revenue Cloud Components and QuickStart features

One of the first steps in implementing the Revenue Cloud is to understand the different components of the platform. Salesforce Revenue Cloud comprises three essential components, which are

  1. CPQ
  2. Billing
  3. Subscription Management

Each component is designed to meet specific business needs, and it is essential to understand how they work together in different use cases to maximize the benefits.

CPQ optimizes the Configure Price Quote processes of any business and helps the sales teams and the channel partners to sell their products or services faster.

Billing helps businesses to accelerate cash collection with recurring automated billing engines.

Subscription Management enables businesses to drive growth by creating new revenue streams and providing a flexible buying experience for customers.

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Businesses need a seasoned Salesforce partner who understands the nuances of implementing these components that align with customers’ business requirements.

DemandBlue QuickStart Solutions allows the customer to implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud quickly. Businesses using DemandBlue’s QuickStart package have reported reduced implementation costs and a smooth implementation experience.

Let us look at some features of DemandBlue’s CPQ QuickStart package.

Hassle-free implementation

  • Fixed scope and timeline
  • 8-10 week implementation schedule
  • 6-8 hours for discovery & review
  • Scope checkpoint and roadmap for future initiatives

Implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud with QuickStart

DemandBlue understands the specific requirements and constraints in the timeline to create CPQ configurations that align with sales processes. DemandBlue leverages the following implementation approach that we believe to be ideal and best suited for most implementation use cases.

DemandBlue's Revenue Cloud Implementation Approach


Implementation begins with an in-depth analysis of existing business processes and captures requirements to optimize their quote-to-cash process and improve sales performance.


Configuration of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud based on the obtained insights from the discovery phase to suit the business requirements.


Customer review and feedback for our configuration demonstration. Implementing feedback to align with customer needs


After successful quality assessments, the configurations are ready to be moved to the production environment.

Training Sessions

Conduct training sessions for the end users to ensure easier adoption and seamless operation through an admin portal and virtual training sessions.


Post-implementation support to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

We believe in following a consultative approach and maximum transparency in our service delivery as critical components for successful implementation and better customer experience.

Learn more about our implementation approach in this blog.

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How does QuickStart Solutions help decrease time to market and save costs?

According to research conducted by Forrester, businesses that aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams achieved 36% more revenue growth and 28% more profitability.

QuickStart Solutions for Salesforce helps organizations decrease their time to market by providing a proven and tested framework for implementing Salesforce. This reduces the need for custom development and quickly implements new technologies and services without requiring extensive planning and development.

They reduce the risk of implementation failure through their pre-configured and pre-tested solution that is quickly deployable and configurable to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Additionally, QuickStart Solutions for Salesforce often include industry-accepted guidelines for deployment and management to ensure that the implemented solution is optimized for cost and performance.

To Conclude

Implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud can be a complex task, but with the help of QuickStart solutions, businesses can quickly configure the platform to their specific needs. QuickStart empowers organizations to improve their sales processes and identify new revenue opportunities. With the help of QuickStart solutions and Salesforce’s range of services and support options, businesses can quickly and easily implement the Revenue Cloud and start reaping the benefits of a robust sales, revenue, and forecasting platform.

DemandBlue is a Salesforce consulting partner specializing in helping businesses achieve business growth through Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation through QuickStart solutions. DemandBlue’s vision is to ensure they derive the maximum value from clients’ Salesforce investments and improve their business processes.

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