How to Integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira Adeptly?

Sean is the sales manager at a video Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider based out of Boston. The only thing he keeps contemplating is how to achieve the sales target.

In the pursuit of achieving the sales goal, he is always engaged in sales prospecting, maintaining customer records and feedback in the CRM, relationship management, handling the team and the issues they face, traveling, and the list goes on.

Sean’s team, in order to meet or surpass his sales target, needs assistance from internal teams like marketing, product, legal at the different stages of the lead journey.

Let’s get you through how and when Sean’s team requires help from other teams.

Sales and Marketing

With more focus on lead generation strategies like Account-Based Marketing (ABM), both teams have to work on common grounds. Sales require help from marketing at every stage of the lead journey to finally select the picklist value—closed-won.


supports sales by creating personalized collateral, promoting participation at events, tracking prospects’ activity online, and keeping them informed on the latest industry trends.


contribute to marketing by keeping them aware of the insights from the ground. This helps marketing improve the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and collateral.

Sales and Product

Do the sales and product teams really need to collaborate? They definitely do!

To ascertain a healthy sales cycle, the sales team always needs updates and information from the product teams. Sales folks need to be aware of all the product updates, features that are in the pipeline, and future plans.

Similarly, the product team needs help from sales on what the prospects or existing customers are asking for.

Sales and Legal

Sales and legal teams play an important role when it comes to closures.

The sales team, more often than not, needs help from the legal team for NDAs, Contracts, and other legal documents to successfully close a deal.

Similarly, the legal team requires the necessary information about the client from the sales team to generate agreements based on the company policy.

Collaboration is what Sean needed!

Disconnected sources stand in the way to ensuring effective cross-functional collaboration in your workplace. And failed collaboration at any end would lead to a loss of revenue.

Easy collaboration—strategic and technical—is what every sales team needs. So, aligning them with the marketing, product, and legal teams is vital. However, in order to do so, you need to integrate the tools they use like Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira Core.

The integration will help sales with better sales prospecting, improve interaction with prospects, and close more deals faster.

Custom integration is what most people think of as a solution. It, however, doesn’t assure longevity. So, Grazitti has developed a product that can ensure the seamless flow of information between your sales and associated teams—Sinergify.

Sinergify is a connector that integrates Salesforce Sales Cloud with Jira. Thus, helping you reap benefits like:

  • Keep sales up-to-date about the product
  • Impart product team with essential customer/competitor info
  • Share industry insights with the marketing
  • Collaborate for sales/marketing collateral
  • Manage accounts more effectively
  • Identify the right opportunity and time to sell more

Sinergify is Salesforce native, which makes it more reliable and secure. The product is Lightning-ready and can also be integrated with all Salesforce objects—standard or custom—based on your business requirements.

Want to know more about Sinergify? Request a 1:1 demo.

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