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How to Increase Your Sales Leveraging Digital Transformation? | Salesforce Guide

Now, the shopping experience is not confined to stores. It has been spread across multiple channels including online, mobile, and over the phone. With shoppers willing to engage with brands anytime, anywhere by performing online browsing activity, it’s time for you to get ready to deliver digital experiences to increase your sales.

Digital-first’ has become a necessity. In today’s digitally enabled world, customers want seamless experiences regardless of channel. So, businesses should think of investing in technology and tools to overcome COVID-19 induced behavior change. Here’s how you can do it.

Set Up Your Online Store Quickly

Undoubtedly, the online store is the most important “digital asset” that helps you to conduct business regardless of geographical boundaries. Leveraging your digital store, you can take your products easily to your targeted audience. You can use all-in-one e-commerce toolkits, like the Salesforce QuickStart Commerce Solutions to launch your online store. The advantage associated with it is that it will just take two weeks to deliver seamless customer experiences while winning customer loyalty.

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Deliver More Personalized Customer Experiences

It is recommended that you should opt for AI-enabled e-commerce solutions to offer more personalized product recommendations. Leveraging built-in AI, eCommerce solutions can interpret customers' past purchase behavior and offer them product recommendations to increase conversion rates.

Use Social Media Touchpoints

With social media, you can easily connect to your customers, trigger customer advocacy, and generate sales. You should select an eCommerce platform that can allow you to integrate social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, enabling customers to make purchases through these channels. Posting the latest offers, new product arrivals, and best-selling items on social media channels can help you sell more.

Multi-channel Capability

Since today’s customers want a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience, you should select an omnichannel eCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates all touchpoints – online, mobile, and in-store. With solutions like Commerce Cloud, you can easily integrate marketing, sales, and service functions to deliver the ultimate omnichannel customer experience

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Unleash The Power of The Mobile

With mobile apps, you can easily connect with customers beyond their brick-and-mortar business. Solutions like Salesforce come with mobile-first capabilities to deliver responsive design, data-driven mobile UX, & one-touch payment to offer an amazing mobile commerce experience

Hire Freelance Salesforce Expert, he/she can help you in creating innovative and personalized shopping customer experiences across mobile, social, web, and more. 


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