How ScoreNotch Helps Salesforce Community Managers Strengthen Their Customer Ties

The success factor for any online community is engagement.

If the engagement rate of your community is high, your users will have a deeper connection with your brand.

While there are several ways to increase user engagement within your community, gamification usually tops the list since It helps drive actions and increase engagement.

In fact, gamification isn’t only about rewarding badges and points. It is also about ‘influencing’ user behaviour in order to make better connections. It works on three principles – motivation, ability level, and triggers.

In this blog post, we take a look at the role of community managers in gamification and how ScoreNotch, takes your gamification score up a notch.

The Role of Community Managers

A community manager plays an integral role in the success of gamification.

If a community manager can understand and implement a gamification program that triggers the psychology of motivation, the user engagement rate can significantly increase.

Now, if you are hosting your community on Salesforce, you might already be familiar with the limitations the CRM platform has with regard to community gamification.

Seeing the limitations of the Salesforce Experience Cloud, Grazitti’s Salesforce experts brewed up a solution, ScoreNotch.

ScoreNotch is like a magic potion for community managers to find the “happy path” for users in their community.

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How Does ScoreNotch Drive Community Engagement?

Helps Build Long-Term Engagement

ScoreNotch has a way of making community participation engaging. For instance, earning more points and badges may start as a fun competitive game that converts into a genuine engagement.

Rewarding users for participating in your online community encourages them to keep coming back to it. Eventually, these behaviours become habits. Thus, when visiting your online community becomes a habit, users are more likely to participate and truly engage in conversations.

Engagement Leads to Brand Advocates

Usually, marketing is aimed at promoting the services and/or products of a brand without allowing customers to connect with it on a deeper level. ScoreNotch cuts through the noise and allows brands to directly engage their customers by creating a fun experience for them.

Implementing gamification through ScoreNotch in online communities helps in holding the interest of existing and potential customers, thus, turning them into brand advocates.

Increases Brand Awareness

It’s no secret that brands are always on the lookout for ways to reach out to their target audience, prospects, and existing customers. Gamified encounters in an online community give users a chance to draw in with a brand without feeling the marketing pressure. These connections will give positive affiliations to the brand, and eventually bring in profit in the long haul.

Simply put, ScoreNotch + Communities = Increased User Engagement and Retention Rate = Loyalty and Lifetime Value.

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Wrapping Up

ScoreNotch provides a range of leading-edge social capabilities to help community managers create, manage, and maintain a successful online community.

It helps drive real business outcomes i.e. brand advocacy, improved customer satisfaction & retention, and reduced maintenance and support costs.

Supercharge Your Salesforce-Powered Community With ScoreNotch


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