How Salesforce Mobile App Can Help Your Business?

The traffic on the internet has been constantly shifting from desktops to mobile phones, and approximately 70% of active users on the internet are from mobile phones. 

It implies that people expect information to be readily available to them everywhere. Salesforce mobile application has all features available with the desktop version. 

However, it has become tremendously popular due to its convenience for the sales team who can’t access data while they’re travelling to various locations.

So, these are some primary benefits you can get from the Salesforce mobile application:

Readily Available Information

This is one of the most convenient advantages of the Salesforce mobile application. It makes it so convenient by providing readily accessible data anywhere and anytime.

Hence, there will be no need for a sales rep to visit the office every time to collect data for every customer. They can instead directly meet the prospect with data available to them right at their fingertips. 

As a result, it saves time and increases the efficiency of the team by providing the personalization of data. It uplifts the chance of successfully converting more leads.

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Integration with Third-party Applications

Salesforce mobile application can be easily integrated with other applications, to utilize all the benefits of Salesforce’s robust features. 

For instance, digital signature and camera applications allow the sales rep to instantly form an agreement with the customer by taking photographs and getting a signature.

Access to update Information at all times

 It is important to receive accurate data at all times, with the Salesforce mobile application it is easy to update it into the CRM.

Whenever a mobile application is updated, it updates the CRM server allowing the organization to stay updated in real-time. To illustrate, if a certain sales deal is closed by the sales team, the details will be entered into the server right away. 

Moreover, it can also help the Sales manager to track the performance of the team even when they are not in touch with each other.

Offline Data Availability

This is one of the primary features available on mobile CRM. It stores the data in the mobile application so you can access it even when wi-fi or the internet is not available.

Then, the information will be updated when connected to the internet. As a result, it allows your sales team to get access to stored data even when they are not able to connect to the internet. 

Ease In Lead Generation

Salesforce mobile application has been developed with various features to make the lead generation process easier, it provides all details related to leads along with a description of all tasks, meetings, and calls.  

There is another feature called “Path” which helps in evaluating different business stages making it easier to manage the whole process.

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User Friendly and Secure

 The application is very easy to use, it enables the user to use the drag-and-drop feature without any technicalities such as coding. Moreover, it can be easily customized as per the preferences of an administrator. 

Various Salesforce CRM Consulting Services offer their customer an upgrade version of security known as Locker service; it isolates the app components to make it safe from hostile data.  

Moreover, it restricts the enhancement of the assurance level and can only be accessed if logged in with secure authentication. 

Data Science Assistance

 The Salesforce application can generate 50,000 GB/ second and approximately 70% of it is related to customers. 

Apart from this, it provides personal data science assistance by giving various beneficial insights and recommendations.

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