Marketing Challenges

How Does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Resolves the Marketing Challenges of Small Businesses?

With time customer demand also increases, and it becomes a challenge for the marketer to create and maintain brand and product awareness. It becomes more worst for the small scales businesses, as they don't have many resources to invest which means they have to compromise after coming to a certain level. After the evolution of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it connects data across multiple sources and devices to gain a unified view of the customer.

In this highly competitive digital era where marketers compete with each other to deliver superior brand experiences, how you can make your marketing strategy different from others and win over your competitors? This blog is all about resolving marketing issues and how marketers can take advantage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to overcome them.


Challenge#1 is “Connecting information from multiple sources”

One of the challenges our customers are facing is connecting information from multiple sources. There are many tools and many systems that are being used by businesses, such as data lakes, transactional systems, loyalty systems, etc. They all contain a small piece of data about your customers. Marketing Cloud allows you to take all the pieces of information from different sources and put them together to obtain a single unified vision of the customer.

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Challenge #2 is “Personalization”

The question that many companies ask is how to provide a better and more consistent customer experience. Marketing Cloud helps you understand what your customers like, what they don't like, what are their interests, or what are their preferred ways of communication and interaction with your brand.

Challenge #3 is “Prediction of consumer's behavior”

You can utilize Einstein AI to understand and predict customer behavior based on their previous engagement. It helps you personalize every interaction. Einstein for Marketing Cloud provides insights and data to improve the relevance of your content and adjust the timing of your marketing activities.  

Once you understand your customers you can decide how and when you're going to contact them, and how the content could vary for each customer. As they proceed through their journey you can adjust their path based on their current and predicted behavior. 

You can also find new customers which are similar to your clients and capture their interests to be ready to engage with them at the right time through the right channel. 


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