How Can We Add Global Actions to Salesforce1?

Hello guys,

Today we see that how we can add global action in Salesforce1. But first, let’s see brief definition of that what is global action-

Global Actions are the group of action that allows us to manage our salesforce org on a mobile device. Global action have no parents means not related to any objects and they can be added to any object.

Now, Steps that how we can add global action to salesforce1-

Step 1- Goto Setup -> Search “global” and Click on Global Actions then click on New Action.

Step 2- Create a New Action as shown below and Save it.

Step 3- Now go to Setup-> Search “Publisher Layout” and click on “Mobile & Lightning Actions”. Drag the New Account to “Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions” Section. And click Save.

Step 4- Go to mobile app Salesforce1 and see your changes and click on New Account.

Step 5- Click on New Account action tab which is present below and Enter the details for the New Account. Click Save. You will see the success message.


Step 6- Done. You will see your account on both Desktop and Salesforce1.


Happy Reading.

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