Getting Up-Close With The Future Of Salesforce’s Ever-Evolving Tech Ecosystem

“Change is the only constant.” - Heraclitus

If any organization across the globe has truly lived by this saying, it is Salesforce. What began as Marc Benioff’s (Founder, Salesforce) experiment is now not only the world’s #1 CRM platform but also a massive tech ecosystem that comprises users, community members, partners, consultants, ISVs, developers, and more.

But what was it that gave Salesforce that initial breakthrough? 

In the late 1990s, when giants like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft were developing software that had to be installed and updated on-premise, Salesforce changed the narrative with one main idea - to deliver software 24/7 over the cloud. And it became a movement that every tech giant follows to date. Thanks to constant innovation, mergers, and collaborations, Salesforce has grown to be one of the most diverse and incredible tech ecosystems in the world. 

From promoting new partnerships to creating advanced opportunities for developers, Salesforce has always been at the forefront of setting trends, collaborating, and staying a step ahead with innovations. Salesforce takes pride in having one of the largest partner ecosystems in the world, including connections with market leaders like Amazon, Google, and IBM. And it is these partnerships that lay the foundation for independent software vendors and developers to showcase their offerings on Salesforce’s app store - AppExchange.

On that note, we have compiled a repertoire of 9 chapters - Salesforce Predictions for 2022 and Beyond, for you to take a look at what’s new at Salesforce, its evolving capabilities, and predictions about its future. Each chapter decodes how Salesforce would transform businesses with its latest innovations, what’s its impact on the CRM world, and how it is poised to give a competitive advantage to businesses. 

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Here’s a Quick Glimpse Into 3 of These Chapters that are Topping the Charts:

  • Salesforce Integrations: Amplifying the Capabilities of Salesforce

The chapter talks about Salesforce’s integration with legacy systems and the significant enhancement it brings to run your business. With organizations adding new technologies into their arsenal and expanding their capabilities, it raises the challenge of departmental and data silos for them. This is where a platform like Salesforce helps a business expand its capabilities and integrate each system to help them have a single source of truth, eliminate tedious manual work, improve decision making, and communicate seamlessly. 

If you are thinking about the feasibility of Salesforce integration within your tech ecosystem, the chapter also explains different integration levels and helps you choose the right integration tool based on the integration level you are at. Read more to explore how Salesforce’s integrations over the years can help you become digital-first and what you can expect from Salesforce in the integration space in the future. 

  • Integrating RPA With Salesforce: A Step Towards Revolutionizing Business Operations

This chapter talks about the growing importance of RPA integration with CRM and how Salesforce has successfully integrated it with its Servicetrace acquisition. This chapter will help you come away with an understanding of the benefits your business can gain through RPA integration with Salesforce. 

Broadly, these benefits include reduced cycle time of tasks you perform with Salesforce, cost reduction that comes with RPA efficiency, improved level of productivity, and reduction in human errors. This chapter also provides a vivid explanation of what RPA is and how its integration with Salesforce holds the key to simplified operations. 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Making Salesforce a Solid Tech Ecosystem

This chapter throws light on Salesforce’s latest acquisitions, its mergers over the years, its projected acquisitions, and what the future holds for it. It weaves an interesting account of how Salesforce has been consistent with integrating different tech stacks into its tech ecosystem and how it has turned into a gigantic platform. You will get to know about the biggest acquisitions of Salesforce such as Slack, Acumen, Tableau, Mulesoft, Demandware, ExactTarget, and others, and how these have extended its capabilities. 

What was Demandware before is now Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud. Likewise, ExactTarget now operates under the name of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. That said, this chapter also gives a synopsis of Salesforce’s foray into healthcare with Health Cloud, its expansion into data visualization, and how it will continue to build a competitive business advantage for organizations. Read more.

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Here are the Other 6 Chapters from the Repertoire:

  • 4 Reasons that Make Salesforce a Powerful Digital Transformation Ally for Businesses Read More
  • Salesforce and ISVs: Unlocking Customized Tech Solutions for Businesses Read More
  • Workplace Transformation Lessons Organizations Can Learn from Salesforce Read More
  • Combat Your Cloud Data Security Challenges With Salesforce Read More
  • Salesforce Einstein: Translating Data Into Better Experiences Read More
  • Salesforce’s Industry-Specific CRM: A Game-Changer for Businesses in the Digital Age Read More

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