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Get Access Token From Google Calendar API Through Postman | Salesforce Developer Guide

Get Access token from Google Calendar API through Postman

While working with integration with third parties, it is very very important to get the access token to hit on the third-party API. Here I am going to show you how to get access token from google calendar API using postman step by step -

First, we need to to create an account in the google developer console


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  1. Create a project

  1. Enable Google Calendar API

  1. Create Credentials for Oauth2.0

  1. Create Consent
  2. Create Oauth2.0 credentials


  • Fill the redirect URI
  • Click Save.
  • Now you will be able to find Client ID and Client Secret
  • Now you can either download client ID and client Secret or copy-paste on a notepad for further use
  • Now put the redirect URI and client id in below body

After this open this URL in another tab and after successful authentication you will be able to get code from URL

Now here we are done from Google API part, so we will move ahead towards postman:

  1. Create a post method 
  2. Select  x-www-form-urlencoded
  3. Fill body with following details
    • Code
    • Client_id
    • client _secret
    • Grant_type
    • redirect_URI

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Now Hit to send.

Now you will be able to see access token, and using this access token you will be able to hit the calendar API.
Now in another tab set the Http method as GET

Provide the get Url from google calendar API documentation, find the link below 

Fill the fields:

Content-Type                    application/JSON
Authorization                    Bearer +  Auth_Token

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