Fast Track your Marketing Activities and Enhance User Experience with DemandBlue's Salesforce Marketing Cloud Accelerators

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the most used digital marketing platforms. DemandBlue’s set of Marketing Cloud and Pardot accelerators are uniquely backed by a decade of expertise on the platform. These accelerators enable our customers to accelerate their marketing strategy and to better calibrate and align their campaigns with customization for their business model. The result is an accurate execution of marketing strategy. Our accelerators themselves can be customized to match your marketing needs and campaign requirements. With a firm grasp of your marketing strategy, we help steer your campaigns towards personalization and success. Our goal is to deliver the best Marketing Cloud experience with our accelerators.

The DemandBlue accelerators cater specifically to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud ecosystem. They are designed to optimize the workflow with automation and helpful operational adjustments. We deliver a wide range of accelerators designed to improve your work productivity and round out your marketing capability, including data migration, testing, and automation of your marketing campaigns for an optimized and thorough Marketing Cloud experience.

DemandBlue Accelerator Packages that Raise the Bar of Productivity and ROI

A/B Testing Accelerator

A/B Testing accelerator helps you understand what resonates well with your target audience and make the necessary adjustments to make your campaign a great success.
Our team has developed a sleek and practical A/B testing module that proficiently measures and improves your email marketing performance. Our ready-to-launch accelerator is user-friendly and easy to adopt and helps you do A/B testing with Marketing Cloud.

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IP Warming Best Practices

We understand how vital IP warming is for building a good reputation with your IP address. It gives your emails better authentication and significantly increases the chances of your email reaching the intended audience, thereby enabling you to close a deal. DemandBlue helps you implement and deploy IP warming practices for your organization’s marketing through our Marketing Cloud accelerators. Our accelerators are designed to build and improve your IP address’ reputation as they handle the different aspects of the Internet Service Providers. It includes spam complaints, open rates, and engagement rates. These best practices include records validation for DKIM/DomainKeys and SPF/SenderID and compliance checks with regulations such CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and CCPA.

Spam Complaint Best Practices

Spam complaints can cripple your marketing campaigns and worse, they could adversely affect the organization’s brand. We understand how pesky and lethal spam complaints can be. The complaint is an indication of a lost, or at least, a highly dissatisfied potential customer. Our Marketing Cloud accelerator helps you manage these spam complaints and identify the leads raising these spam complaints. This prevents you from sending emails to the same receiver again to reduce your spam complaint rate and automate personalized emails.

Marketing Cloud – Scoring model

Scoring your leads and opportunities is one of the most recommended practices for any organization. Automating the scoring model eliminates manual intervention and enhances your marketing funnel to meet your marketing goals. Our Marketing Cloud accelerator will implement an organized scoring model that will help your marketers prioritize and track the level of engagement.

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Contact Database Optimization

A database is the crux of any marketing operation. Maintaining your database, conducting regular health check-ups, and cleaning up is essential for an optimized database. Our Marketing Cloud accelerators automate database optimization with segmentation.

The accelerator saves you time and resources; maintains and optimizes your database for steady marketing growth.

Align your Salesforce Marketing Cloud efforts with customized marketing intent through our Marketing Cloud and Pardot accelerators.

DemandBlue has built pre-configured accelerator packages for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance to help you get the complete Marketing Cloud experience. We ensure that every accelerator has something unique to serve on your plate, and your marketers are the prime beneficiaries of our Marketing Cloud accelerator created to help them regulate marketing activities, drive campaigns, and automate tasks to help them get the excessive load off their shoulders.


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