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FAQs to Understand Salesforce Chatter Better

Salesforce Chatter is a social tool that helps professionals and companies work BETTER. The platform allows you to get brainstorm ideas, share loaded files, sites, articles, videos, manage projects, connect experts, work confidentially, and collaborate without BOUNDARIES.

Here, the Newsletter covers the hottest list of questions and answers that frequently strikes our mind while working on Salesforce chatter.

Q1. What can a Chatter Plus user access outside of Chatter?

A: If you are a chatter plus license holder, you can access standard chatter people, their profiles, groups, files. Additionally, you can view Salesforce accounts, contact leads, dashboards, calendars, reports, and more.

Q2. What is Chatter Free Licence?

A: Chatter Free is basically a new license that has been rolling out with Dreamforce conference 2011. It gives you a license for a few features including chatter central, profiles, people, chatter desktop, chatter mobile, and others. You cannot access CRM records and all contents.

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Q3. Who can see my chatter posts?

A: Chatter has a lot many places for posting and sharing. If you enter something in the status box of your homepage or profile page, it will be seen by everyone. If you post something on your colleague’s profile, it‘ll also be shown to everyone. However, posting on records will be only visible to a person authorized for that group or record.

Q4. Does Chatter work for all browsers?

A: Yes! It works well with all the new browsers including Internet Explorer 7, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and others. However, it doesn’t go well with Internet Explorer6. If you have an old version of internet explorer, you can upgrade it into a new one.

Q5. Can one upgrade Chatter Free license to a “Chatter Plus” License?

A: Yes! You can, but you must have the chatter plus license in your organization. There are simple steps for upgrading:

  • Click Manager Users > Users (From setup).
  • Click Edit next to chatter free users.
  • Change user license to chatter only.
  • Convert the profile to chatter only.
  • Click on SAVE.

NOTE: If you don’t have a chatter plus license, feel free to contact your sales representative.

Q6. How long the chatter posts stored?

A: It is stored in data unless the administrator or user deletes it. Apart from the user, no one can delete their post or other chatter wall items. Moreover, administrators, authorized for complete accessing, can delete posts in chatter.

Q7. How do you know if your business is right for social enterprise software (Yammer, Chatter, Jive, etc.)?

A: companies with more than 250 employees or more than two physical locations can use these social enterprise solutions.

Q8. How chatter is different from other ESN’s?

A: Chatter has something special that makes it different from others.

  • The solution is not complicated like other ESN’s.
  • It is just like Twitter and Facebook, so don’t need to learn anything.
  • Has twitter like API, so it can be easily integrated into your enterprise.
  • There are number of good features that are totally FREE.
  • Have no LIMITATIONS.

Q9. What is QlikView extension for Salesforce chatter?

A: During the Salesforce Dreamforce conference, it is announced that Salesforce has extended to the QlikView business discovery platform. It is specifically designed for Salesforce Chatter. You know that chatter allows users to collaborate remotely, share information, discuss confidential topics, and solve issues.

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However, with the extension of QlikView, users can easily participate in data discussion, sharing insights, managing feeds, comments, conversations, and more.

Q10. Who will win the long run- CHATTER, YAMMER or JIVE?

A: According to the latest reviews received from clients, the conclusion is that both chatter and yammer are good and offer great productivity. Jive has eliminated the LIMIT for a number of users and offers the capability to assign a task for everyone in the company.

But, Chatter has a good reputation for security, stability, and support. So, if you’re a newbie consider Salesforce Chatter.

With chatter, you can subscribe to any content on How you’ll know that your content is subscribed? Well… you’ll get an ALERT. Chatter is available with an easy-to-use MOBILE APP. Professionals can easily subscribe to PRODUCT PRICING GROUP and get alert with every single new post about pricing, latest trend, change, market predicament, and of course the BREAKING NEWS.

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Reference: Algoworks

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