Explore the True Potential of Hyperforce in Salesforce

Introduction to Hyperforce

With Hyperforce, Salesforce application development services can swiftly and securely grow with the help of public cloud partners, thanks to a new infrastructure design that integrates the underlying cloud underpinnings.

We are able to fulfill local data storage needs and accelerate our growth thanks to our public cloud partners. We can scale Hyperforce using widely adopted software development, security, and deployment procedures.

For much of its history, Salesforce operated as a standalone cloud service, providing its customers with access to its cloud resources. However, as Salesforce development services and cloud computing as a whole have progressed, the company has begun to offload some of its workloads to other clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Currently, the company is working to provide its clients with the same freedom. Hyperforce, a new architecture built from the bottom up to assist clients in delivering workloads to their chosen public cloud, was introduced at the company's Dreamforce customer conference to help accomplish this.

Hyperforce's goal is to let users store all the information that makes up what Salesforce calls Customer 360—the company's comprehensive view of the customer across channels, Salesforce development company products, and even other systems outside the Salesforce family—in any public cloud they choose, wherever they happen to be doing business.

Hyperforce helps Salesforce Maintain its Position as a Frontrunner in the CRM Industry

Salesforce is now the most popular customer relationship management platform, and the business intends to keep it that way. Hyperforce's release levels the playing field between Salesforce and other CRM giants, all of whom currently offer their solutions on either public or private infrastructure. Hyperforce's enhanced performance choices and global compliance will help Salesforce gain an advantage over the competition.

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Advantages of Hyperforce

Hyperforce is redesigned Salesforce custom application development platform that can quickly and safely scale using public cloud partners and unifies the underlying infrastructure of several clouds (including Salesforce Health Cloud). Salesforce can now reap the benefits of top-tier computing infrastructure thanks to improvements in public cloud security and compliance policies in recent years.

Progress in terms of both Software and Hardware Development

Salesforce's low-code platform and pre-built healthcare features make it a powerful tool for rapidly prototyping and deploying new workflows. Because of this, healthcare businesses may develop apps in a rapidly deployable, agile environment that can grow exponentially to meet future demand.

Exposing Apps to Several Channels

It exposes apps to several channels, especially mobile, and helps businesses expand them. This is known as "multichannel distribution." This, in conjunction with Salesforce's front-end tools for omnichannel customer engagement, is essential for capturing the attention of today's digital consumers.

Automation of Routine Tasks

The Automation of Routine tasks expedites the development, training, testing, deployment, and iteration of healthcare apps, allowing companies to serve their patients better. Salesforce's front-end features are considered part of the workflow automation idea since they reduce mental workload and increase productivity in the workplace.


For the Salesforce healthcare ecosystem as a whole, elastic performance's ultimate promise of limitless innovation is a potent one. When dealing with customer-facing apps, it is crucial to be able to handle peaks without running into capacity issues. This approach is quite different from the common strategy of expanding operations until they reach a limit.

Created Upon a Solid Foundation

The relationship between Salesforce and AWS to produce Salesforce Hyperforce is most valuable due to the trust between the two companies. A healthcare practitioner and patient trust are essential in any professional association.

For more than 20 years, Salesforce has served the healthcare needs of private hospitals, state and municipal governments, and nonprofit organizations. For many years, AWS has provided the safe, robust global cloud infrastructure and services required for ongoing innovation by healthcare providers, medical researchers, insurance companies, and other healthcare services. Furthermore, AWS provides world-class security standards and comprehensive services to help its clients quickly and easily embrace the cloud. With this new partnership, Salesforce is making it possible for its clients, including healthcare providers all around the area, to keep working, usually in a secure setting.

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Many of our clients are immune to disruptions in the market caused by shifts in the underlying technology. Thanks to our architectural choices, every Salesforce app, modification, and integration will continue to function normally on Hyperforce. Thanks to the engineering precision on our end, updates for our clients are as painless as possible.


The wonderful thing about Hyperforce is that most features and capabilities that allow client success also increase developer agility thanks to the cloud-native design. Hyperforce release innovation by making it less complicated for engineers to test new concepts. By putting an emphasis on creating standard services, we free up technical teams to concentrate on creating the things that matter most to their consumers. Our architectural development positions us favourably to continue doing what we do best—bridging the gap between businesses and their customers—as our business expands and the global market evolves.

Hyperforce has the potential to change the landscape of many businesses. With a highly adaptable infrastructure, Hyperforce helps you to implement scalable features more quickly. Every feature of Hyperforce is designed to enhance the experience of all Salesforce users. Hyperforce can help in the optimization of all your processes and make your digital transformation easier. With extensive experience as a Salesforce consulting partner, Hexaview can be the perfect destination for your digital transformation. Reach out to us for more details, and visit our website to learn more about our Salesforce services.


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