Delivering Net Zero with the Power of Salesforce!

Delivering Net Zero with the Power of Salesforce!

Welcome back as we return once again to Salesforce’s new kid on the block – Net Zero Cloud. You may have guessed this already, but we are extremely proud to be partnering with Salesforce on their plans to help companies achieve Net Zero.

We have covered what Net Zero Cloud is in previous blogs and in this one, we want to focus on what a Net Zero Cloud end-to-end service looks like Stimulus-style.

We know that Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is the product that helps us establish the dataset - to measure our current position and subsequent progress toward our targets.  That’s a great first step - if we don’t know where we are starting our journey then how can we plan our route forward?  However, sometimes, you might be concerned about your organizational readiness for the march to Net Zero and be worried about what to do once you have established your dataset.

This is where our end-to-end service kicks in and really takes your plans up a level. We are partnering with the experts (more on this in the coming weeks) to bring you robust support across your Net Zero Planning. We have 5 key steps to support you:

Leadership & Vision

Strong leadership buy-in is essential if you are going to be successful with your Net Zero ambitions. We will help establish a leadership vision, and enable your senior leaders to understand the drivers behind Net Zero, including regulatory compliance; commercial impact; and strong messaging around your ESG agenda.

Capacity Building in your Organisation

As important as the leadership are the operational delivery teams – we engage and mobilize your staff by helping them to understand climate change and how to reduce their carbon footprint with Carbon Literacy Project accredited training.

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Net Zero Cloud Setup & Configuration

The technical part! We have covered this in more detail in other blogs, but this is where we establish the platform that collates your carbon footprint data through energy use records, travel records, wastewater, etc, and delivers your carbon footprint measurement. Packed full of tools to make this as seamless as possible, the output is investor-grade data that satisfies customers, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities!


If you have read any of our blogs on training then you will know how passionate we are about enabling your organization, and how much we believe that effective enablement drives the best adoption and maximizes the return on your investment in Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. The stimulus will bring to the table:

  • Training on the platform to support your team using Net Zero Cloud,
  • Training in how to extract and present the data for your stakeholders
  • Wider carbon literacy training where required to support the whole organization meet its aims under the Net Zero initiative

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Carbon Action Planning

What use is all this data if we don’t do something about it? If you are looking at your figures and want some support on how you start to bring your carbon footprint down, it probably won’t surprise you to hear by now that we can help here too! Through our specialist partners, they will help you design a practical, achievable carbon action plan to start moving you to Net Zero. We will also be able to introduce you to the Salesforce Carbon Credit Marketplace when it launches in the UK to connect you with validated schemes to help you offset your footprint.

Now it doesn’t stop here.  This is the start of the relationship with Stimulus and our partners. Once we see the effect of the steps in the Carbon Action Plan, we work with you to quantify the impact on your investor-grade data and start the next iteration of planning & enablement.

Of course, you may already be quite sophisticated in your Net Zero planning and just need some help with setting up the platform and that is fine too but for those that need a little extra help, you only have to ask….


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