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Data Migration using Import Wizard and Data Loader in Salesforce

Data Migration using Import Wizard and Data Loader in Salesforce

Data Migration- if you want to migrate your bulk salesforce data locally in your system or load the data into salesforce. you can go through the following tools-1-Data Import Wizard2-Data Loader.

1. Data Import Wizard-

Import Wizard import data for many standard Salesforce objects like accounts, contacts, leads, solutions, and person accounts. You can also import data for custom objects. You can import up to 50,000 records at a time.Import wizard don't allow duplicate data.

Start the wizard-To navigate data import wizard go to Setup -> Administer -> Data Management -> Data import Wizard and click on Launch Wizard.There are three steps to migrate our data.a. Choose data to importb. Edit field mappingc. Review and start import


when you will click on launch wizard button you will get the below screen.


when you will click on next button,you will get the list of standard objects and custom objects.if you want to import data(Standard object) from your local source to salesforce org then click on Accounts and Contacts by choosing standard objects,you will get a new block of add new this block choose the field of match Contact by: and match Account by: as your requirement.In next block you will select from where you want to import data to salesforce.if you have any CSV file then click on CSV and here you willl choose the CSV file from your local system.



Now click on next button for second step to mapping you will get the following screen.


For mapping click on map to map the fields what your requirements.


After completing your mapping process click on next button and now you will be on last step to start import.


When you will click on start import then you will the following pop-up and Finally you data will be imported to your salesforce org with all the details.



These browsers support the Data Import Wizard:

a. Google Chrome™ version 29 and later versions.

b. Mozilla® Firefox® version 23 and later versions.

c. Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 9 and later versions.

d. Apple® Safari® version 5 and later versions.


Dragging and dropping CSV files is not supported in Internet Explorer 9.


2. Data Loader-

Data loader is used as desktop tool to help manage data with imports, updates, exports, and delete.We can load up to 5,00,000 records at a time by using data loader.With the help of data loader we can do like-a-Update records which have multiple parent organizations.b-Insert new records and update existing records at the same time like:upsertc-Insert null values into existing fields that already have data in them.d-Access to the fields Opportunity Approval Manager and VL Approval Manager.

Installing Data Loader-

following steps to go for installing data loader. Go to setup-> Data management ->data loader


if you click on Download Data Loader for Windows then you will download data loader.after downloading click on the downloaded file and open data loader.


Security Token-

If you are using Apex Data Loader you will need to have the unique security token associated with your UserID.The Security Token is sent to the email address associated with your user account.


Logging In to the Apex Data Loader-

The username is the email address associated with your user account.The password is your usual password appended with the Security Token, something like "passwordsecuritytoken"


Following operations can be done by data loader:

a.)Import - To insert records into Salesforce click on insert button and Click on next button and select the object you want to insert the records and choose the .csv file you want upload.


Now map the field by using drag and drop.


b.) Update - To update the records click on update.Next select the csv file contains updated records with IDs and select the object and complete the operation.

c.) Upsert - Upsert is the combination of insert and this we will update data and also update some data together.

d.) Delete - Delete is used to delete data from your organization. To delete the data you want export the existing data with ID’s and then by using this file we can delete the data.The deleted data will be available in recycle bin. If you want to delete data permanently,you can go through hard delete option.

e.) Export - Click on export button.Select the object you want to export data and specify the folder where you want to save this exported file.

f.) Export all - Export all is same as Export but it also includes the data available in recycle bin.

I hope this blog will help you to import,export,update,delete your salesforce data very easily.

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