Salesforce Data Access and Visibility

Data Access and Visibility in Salesforce

Why back to basics ? well I was explaining to someone, How data is accessed in Salesforce ? What is the security model and levels ? etc. So I thought of how easy, and in plain english, with a very simple approach I can explain this. As a result I came up with this..

In this blog I will explain only about data access neither metadata nor other features of Salesforce.

I came up with two terms access and view. Which means first, do I have access to the data ? second if yes, then how can I view it ? For example :- I need to read some alien files of a country. So first I need to get access/permission from the government. If I am allowed, then how will I read it, from pictures of files, recorded videos of files or directly from files.

Similarly data in applications are stored in databases in form of tables, rows and columns. Where tables are objects, rows are records and columns are fields in salesforce . And each of this things has different ways to access and view. So how do we access it ? Like in any other application you need to first get access of the database, then tables then rows and then columns. I came up with similar diagram for salesforce first you need to get access to your salesforce org, then objects then records and then fields.



And lot more..

I am not able to bring the table structure in this blog checkout the complete blog from below link

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  1. Salesforce | Radhakrishna
    Radhakrishna 11 months ago

    great post about Salesforce – access database.. We are providing Salesforce Services

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