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Customize and Filter Related Lists in the Salesforce Lightning App Builder

Potentially one of the most significant UI changes coming to Salesforce in the latest Summer ‘22 release is the change to how we work with related lists.

Up until this point, when working with Related Lists we have been limited to the “Related Lists” component, or the “Related List – Single” component when working on a record page within the Lightning App Builder. And, if we had wanted to split or filter on Related Lists to perhaps acknowledge different record types or different stages, we’d have had to look outside of the realms of standard Salesforce functionality, or of any declarative solutions.

Well as of Summer ‘22 this function is now available using the “Dynamic Related List – Single” component!

Watch this video to see how this works or keep on reading -

This component, when added to a page via the Lightning App Builder, makes it incredibly easy to now present records from the same object across multiple different related lists.

Take below as an example – before now, we’d have had to have all our related opportunities for this account in one related list. As well as this, if the records were of different record types with different page layouts (and different fields!), then it would have looked as though records had missing data – when actually, it’s because that field isn’t applicable for that record.


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But with the new Dynamic related lists, we can sort the records into relevant lists and present the relevant fields for them, meaning that an end user can quickly navigate to the relevant records they’re looking for, and only see fields that are populated and visible on the records in question.

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