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Data Model


Content Document

  • Represents a document that has been uploaded to alibrary in Salesforce CRM Content
  • Supported Calls
    • delete(), describeLayout(),describeSObjects(), query(),retrieve(), search(), undelete(), update()

Content Version

  • Represents a specific version of a document in Salesforce CRM Content.
  • Supported Calls
    • create(), describeLayout(), describeSObjects(), query(),retrieve(), search(), update(), upsert()

Content Workspace

  • Represents a public library in Salesforce CRM Content.
  • Supported Calls
    • describeSObjects(), query(), retrieve()

Content Workspace Doc

  • Represents a link between a document and a public library in Salesforce CRM Content.
  • This object does not apply to documents and versions in a personal library.
  • Special Access Rules
    • Customer and Partner Portal users must have the “View Content in Portal”permission in order to query and obtain content in libraries where they have access.
    • Customer and Partner Portal users can only edit documents if they have a Salesforce CRM Content feature license.
    • To create a ContentWorkspaceDoc, you must be a member of the library with one of these library privileges enabled: “Add Content”,“Add Content On Behalf of Others”,“Manage Library”.
    • To query all library documents in a library, a user must be a member of that library, regardless of library permissions
  • Supported Calls
    • create(), delete(), describeSObjects()query(), retrieve(), update(), upsert().

Developer Support

  • Developer Reference

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