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Market dynamics are rapidly evolving. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors need a scalable and intelligent solution to meet buyer expectations and seize new opportunitiesForward-thinking B2B brands are reinventing themselves to keep pace with an ecosystem that demands innovation.

Organizations that are resistant to invest in their online presence are doing themselves a disservice. The alternatives to not having a strong online footprint are expensive, outdated, and place companies behind competitors who have made the best pivot of 2021- becoming more digitally enabled.

Are You the Champion of Change Within Your Organization?

Every organization has its internal champions, the north stars who are the catalysts of change. If you are one, here is why adopting a digital commerce approach is essential to prepare your organization for the seismic changes ahead. Build your business case with the points and insights shared in this quick-read article.

Customer Expectations are Changing. Don’t Get Left Behind

B2B buyers expect purchasing experiences to be connected, quick, and intuitive. Digital is the default for millennials who are increasingly becoming the key decision-makers of organizations. According to a study by Forrester, B2B buyers are willing to pay a premium to buy through a direct manufacturer. Reliance on non-digital ordering options can be counterproductive and negatively impact customer acquisition and loyalty.

The ease of digital commerce improves AOV (Average Order Value) and encourages incremental spending.

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Case in Point:

US Foods saw a 5% increase in spend when customers bought online.

Source: Forrester

Reduce Order Processing Costs and Time

There was a time when B2B buying was a layered process with multiple touchpoints. But with the arrival of digital-first companies like Amazon moving into the B2B space, there is a strong need to offer ordering options that are fast and frictionless. Self-service ordering frees up sales and contact center teams from the tedious process of manual order entry.

Customer quote negotiation can become a completely documented, structured process that no longer involves lengthy negotiations and long sales cycles.

Case in point:

Coca-Cola experienced an 85% reduction in cost per customer interaction.

Source: The B2B Elements of Value Study, Forrester

Widen market penetration

Unlike other consumer-driven industries, the B2B industry’s revenue growth is based not only on retaining existing customers but also on wider market penetration. By adopting technology like Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, B2B companies can provide an additional channel for their customers.

Expand into new industries with speed and clarity through tailored product offerings and pricing options.

By activating inactive customers and creating new business models on the fly, B2B companies can widen their reach and increase their pool of available customers/prospects. This results in accelerated revenue growth across regions and industries.

Case in point:

B2B digital leaders see 5X more revenue growth than their peers.

Go to market faster with Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B Commerce offers a wide array of features that can launch or boost your company’s online presence, digitize B2B ordering, enable assisted selling, scale branded storefronts successfully, and be a trusted partner from day one. Shifting online is a big move. Get it right with Salesforce.

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By The Numbers

According to the Salesforce State Of Commerce Report

  • 30% of respondents said digital channels contribute to 50% of revenue.
  • 44% global increase in B2B orders placed online.
  • 55% of B2B companies said digital channels would provide more than 50% of revenue in the coming years.

Launch In Days. Be Light Years Ahead.

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