salesforce flow basics

An Introduction To Salesforce Flow Basics

The Power of Automation

Over time, most companies set up a set of practices that can meet different business needs. These methods are usually unique to your business, making it very difficult to search for answers outside of you that can meet your needs. Your company may be a high-touch call center with specific scripts specified to support your agents with customer account knowledge. In situ, you find an application where your seller, after the contract expires, must produce a one-piece order. Or if you find work that your users repeatedly do, and you know how many minutes before that task you should shave, you can save a lot of people a year huh.

One gospel of fine user expertise is, “If the user will only do one issue, bed for them.”Are you produce it automatically? If you usually produce a piece order once the deal closes. If your decision agents invariably follow a group script once collection client info, will it be to script that right into the user interface? If your users collect knowledge involving 3 completely different objects, are you able to save time by having them enter the info in one type, then produce the 3 completely different records for them?

This is a plus point of automation facility. It basically saves the user time and does the required tasks. Improve your level of knowledge. Become a deserving superhero for your company!

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Why Did You Go With Flow?

In general, it is best to start with the best disassembly tools, no codes, and then work hard on code solutions. while the flow is the resolution of the code, there are no best suggestions. Flow is described above as visual coding — it decreases, but they require that you only see other programming ideas such as dynamics and how it works.

You may have automation tools at your disposal:  Apex, validation rules, processes, flows, workflow, and formulas. you furthermore might have some a lot of specific tools, like step-up and auto-response rules. 

Flows are mainly helpful for two major use cases:  Automation and guided visual experiences.

Behind-the-Scenes Automation

If your business method runs behind the scenes, and it ought to begin mechanically, adore once record changes, you've got your decision of solutions.

  • Create a method in the Process Builder.
  • Create an auto launched flow with the Flow Builder.
  • Create an Apex trigger with the Apex code.

Don’t begin with a flow as a result of it isn’t the best resolution for the work. Instead, begin with a method. Produce an auto launched flow and attach with a method If your business needs a lot of advances auto work. The auto launched flow is referred to as from the method to handle the advanced practicality needed.

Guided Visual Experiences

If your business method requires input from the user you'll use a Screen flow and lightning part

Since this is an easy resolution of 2, start with screen flow. Create great screens that guide customers through your business method and change the mandatory logic and functions between those screens.

A Note Regarding Terms

You may have detected many terms used interchangeably once pertaining to flows. These following are the official definitions:-

  • Lightning Flow— It mainly deals with building, managing, running processes flows.
  • Flow Builder—Flow builder is a point-and-click tool for the building of flows.
  • Flow— It is an application that automates a business method by collecting knowledge in your Salesforce org or an external system.

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Business Requirements

As a Salesforce manager, you are lobbying your shareholders to automate many of your company's business processes, typically specializing in potential improvements offered by Salesforce automation tools. The head of your company has asked you to increase the power of sales groups.

When cells in the Salesforce‌ replace log contacts, they usually ignore many areas and go to accountable contacts. To make matters worse, sales reps often generate fake contacts. They can avoid this by looking at the sales force before creating the contact, but this method is more likely if it is controlled by a machine. Above all, you are telling me how to make the Salesforce corporate more financially.

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