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All About Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Email studio and Content Builder

Hey you all, hope you are doing well!

In this blog, I am going to tell you about Marketing Cloud and its primary email sending tools like Email Studio and Content Builder.

So what is a marketing cloud and when it comes into existence? When Salesforce introduced its CRM platform, in the initial stage it only dealt with Sales functionality. To provide marketing support, Salesforce acquired a company named ExactTarget and marked it as their marketing cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform mainly for marketers that allows them to create and manage relationships with customers. 

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With Marketing Cloud, you can do things like:

  1. Connect known and unknown profiles to gain a unified view of the customer.
  2. Leverage data and Einstein artificial intelligence to make every interaction relevant.
  3. Create two-way, real-time engagement when and where the customer wants.
  4. Measure, report, and optimize marketing performance, impact, and customer loyalty.

Many automation tools are available in Salesforce marketing cloud like email studio, content builder, automation studio and many more.

Email Studio: Email studio is an automation email sending tool that lets companies customize their interactions with their customer base and also it lets companies personalize their emails as they like.

With the help of email studio, we can use data to send emails in bulk, also we can use email studio to send email to targeted audiences or even create one-to-one conversations.

Some of the main functionalities Email Studio provides us : 

  1. Customizable and mobile-optimized email templates
  2. Drag and drop segmentation tools
  3. Automation functions
  4. Email and message scheduling and A/B testing
  5. Responsive email and dynamic messages
  6. Data importing feature and subscriber list
  7. Performance report and email delivery schedule

To send an email we need an email address or list of email addresses and content to send. 

Subscribers: A subscriber is the one to whom we can send an email and collection of subscribers is known as subscriber list. A subscriber list is a collection of subscribers who opted-in to receive emails from the marketing cloud.

There are two methods we store data in marketing cloud

  1. List: Lists are the default method of storing subscriber data in email studio. It requires minimal configuration and setup. Email address and subscriber key attributes are required in List.
  2. Data extensions: Data extensions provide a flexible data model which run faster and handle loads of data. Data extensions contain subscriber data just as lists. If they contain data about the subscriber and marked as sendable then they are described as sendable data extension. It can contain other data as well like purchase details, URLs to images that can be used to display purposes. These types of extensions are called non-sendable data extensions.

Now we have our own List and data extension, we need content to send email to our data. This work can be done with the help of Content Builder.

Content Builder: Content builder provides us many ways to create our own customized templates. We can create email messages and templates, SMS messages and mobile app push notifications and In-app messages, etc.

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We can upload our pre-created content in the content builder.

Email Template: In this, we can create our email template from scratch and we can also use some in-built themes, layouts and also we can use an existing template and do some modifications to that.

Content Blocks: As our email message can consist of lots of blocks like buttons, texts, images in one place. Content builder is our perfect destination for building these blocks. 

A content block includes many options like button, code snippet, dynamic content, Image carousel and many more. We can save our content in content blocks and reuse it wherever we want while creating an email template.

I hope you guys get an idea of what we can do with email studio and content builder. So, Happy emailing guys!

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