A Quick Guide to Salesforce AppExchange

What is AppExchange?

AppExchange is Salesforce’s online marketplace from where you can download and install more than 4.000 solutions for your organization. The wide variety of applications available allows Salesforce to reach most departments in the most dissimilar industries. With 8,5 million installs, 98.000 reviews, and the services of more than 1.000 consultants, AppExchange is an excellent source of options to enrich your business. It is the ideal setting for Salesforce partners to share their developments.

What Exactly can We Find on the AppExchange?

AppExchange is Ali Baba’s cave for Salesforce users. Among its treasures, we can find solutions resulting from innovations and customizations made by Salesforce partners. With AppExchange, each solution: application, Bolt solutions, Flow solutions, Lightning data or components can be packaged, uploaded, and shared between Salesforce users. As in most online stores, the products on offer can be easily located by applying filters for multiple categories and classifications.

AppExchange offers free and paid solutions, oriented to the needs of different industries: Communications, Education, Financial Services, Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing, among others. In addition, you can find applications that allow integration with other external apps to Salesforce such as: Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc. In this online store, non-profit organizations will be able to find special offers and have available the services of more than 1.800 expert consultants in Salesforce, thousands of developers and space with more than 2.000 job offers.

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Who is AppExchange for?

It is aimed at users who are Salesforce customers or partners who want to add functionalities to their organizations, have particular needs in the management of their businesses or have developed solutions and want to publish them.

Any Internet user can explore and test the products offered in the AppExchange lists, but only registered users, if they have the necessary permissions, can install them, for example:


How Does the AppExchange Work?

You can understand how the AppExchange works through the following moments:


When a partner motivated by the satisfaction of a need or by pure innovation generates a solution and wants to make it available to the community, either free or paid.


The developed solution must be registered, packaged and published. The developer can create a demo with the functionalities it offers, which is essential so that others can know what it is about before installing it.

There are applications that help developers or partners to know how many times their product has been installed or uninstalled. This type of application is also very useful to notify users when an update of the solutions they have deployed is published.


For Salesforce customers, it is not very difficult to identify what they need or want on the AppExchange. In this online market, the solutions are very well organized by multiple classifications, reviews, star ratings and each with the possibility of being tested before being implemented. In addition, during the installation process users can:

  • Explore (apply filters associated with what you are looking for, read descriptions and opinions, watch demos, rate).
  • Test (review and test as a read-only user, a complete and functional demo of the solution).
  • Install (add the application, all its components and dependencies to the Salesforce environment).
  • Deploy (give permission to users in your organization to work with the new solution, they will have the last word).

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What are the benefits of using AppExchange?

  • The installations from the AppExchange in your organization are a simple and safe task. You have thousands of solutions available within a few clicks of which Salesforce performs frequent security reviews on them.
  • With a quick review from time to time, you can find some great free apps and save your company money and time.
  • It assists users deciding on an application or service by providing them the ability to review the experiences other clients have had with these applications or services.
  • It is an ideal setting for partners to reach potential clients, either from published solutions or directly by contacting their consulting services.
  • AppExchange offers developers a world of options that allows them to create new applications in record time.

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