6 Cool Must-Know Features of the Salesforce Platform

What’s the greatest challenge faced by professionals who work with large volumes of sales and support data on a regular basis?

In a word: data maintenance.

Creating and maintaining large datasets can be a nightmare for anybody, but thankfully, Salesforce’s CRM suite has a series of cool tools to address all kinds of CRM-related issues. It has become a huge hit in all aspects of business development and is not limited to sales and marketing.

Salesforce Features

Cool Feature #1: Chatter

If you use the Salesforce suite of tools, there are certain features that you would find extra help even if you don’t use all of them regularly. Take ‘Chatter’, for instance. You might not use ‘Chatter’ on a daily basis, but it is there for you whenever you need it - and at no extra cost! How cool is that? With ‘Chatter’, you can participate in a discussion or start a new discussion of your own.


Cool Feature #2: Branded email templates

Then there are branded email templates, which allow you to send out common information to multiple customers without the pain of having to type it out to each individual. Saves a lot of monotonous bulk typing time and the inevitable errors that would result!

Branded Email Templates

Cool Feature #3: Salesforce in mobile devices

For those of you who are always on the move, Salesforce is now available for your mobile devices, too! All of us have had panic attacks when we have needed to view data and no laptops have been available at our disposal. Worry not – SFDC’s Salesforce1 app is now available. With this app, you will have all the necessary data at your fingertips, literally.

Branded Email Templates

Cool Feature #4: Dashboards

Sorting and arranging data is another headache all of us have had to live with. So let’s talk about the cool Salesforce feature - ‘dashboards’- that will allow you to sort your data exactly the way you want it. The greatest advantage of the dashboards feature is that you would be able to view all the relevant data without spending too much time searching for it. There are various kinds of data you can track on dashboards. For example, you can display data that includes sales figures, the number of successful conversions, leads. What’s more, you get to choose how your data will be represented – as horizontal bar diagrams, pie charts, funnel charts, among others.


Cool Feature #5: Email syncing

With Salesforce, you can sync all the data with your mail so that it is sent automatically. This sure does save a lot of ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ time for you. Salesforce supports Microsoft Outlook and has solutions for Gmail and other third-party email clients.

Email Syncing

Cool Feature#6: AppExchange      

Salesforce’s AppExchange, you can develop and post your app, use other, already developed apps as a platform, and also install apps to customize your Salesforce page. AppExchange also lets you hire developers and consultants as and when you need them, so there’s no need to hunt for them on different platforms again. With this feature, you will have access to the profiles of individual developers and consultants together with their contact information for you to initiate a negotiation.

App Exchange

To conclude, Salesforce has a host of cool features to make customer relationship management smoother and the job of data management less of a nightmare. Have you ever used any of these features? If you haven’t, now would be a great time to begin!

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