5 Groundbreaking Features Exclusive to Salesforce Lightning Experience

With Salesforce stopping to make enhancements to Salesforce Classic, companies have started moving to Salesforce Lightning Experience. However, migrating from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning Experience is not easy for companies with numerous users who have their day-to-day work dependent on the platform. But despite the difficulty, the functionality gained is worth the investment. It’s not just a beautiful user interface — it also improves how Salesforce users work and make decisions for the company.

What makes Salesforce Lightning migration more exciting are features that are exclusive to Lightning Experience only. This makes it more important for the Classic users to switch over to Lightning and get the most of these amazing features. Here we have listed five features that are only a small taste of the improved efficiency and enhanced functionality Salesforce customers can gain with Lightning Experience.

1. Salesforce Lightning Kanban View

The feature of Kanban view is exclusive to Salesforce Lightning Experience. It has successfully become a staple for many Salesforce users. For users who work on Salesforce daily, the Kanban view has become like a workspace, instead of just being a specific view within Salesforce records organized through filters selected by users.

When Salesforce users open the opportunity list view, they can view active sales opportunities on a Kanban board, which are organized by stage in the pipeline. This view shows users all the opportunities within a filter. This helps Salesforce users to get a clear view of the sales pipeline, making them aware of the stage at which they are in the sales process.

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2. Salesforce Lightning Dialer

To manage a high-volume call center or communication of the team members with customers and prospects on the telephone, managers need to know information about the calls. Ideally, this kind of information is pulled into Salesforce Classic in real-time.

Wouldn’t it be more exciting if the phone functionality existed in Salesforce? Salesforce Lightning Experience comes with Lightning Dialer that helps to reduce clicks and save precious time of call center agents time. It is made possible by connecting the Salesforce user interface with telephony systems. This helpful Salesforce phone solution helps to streamline calls and also captures the key performance indicators.

3. Email Integration for Salesforce Lightning Experience

Now the users can work on a single interface without flipping back and forth between email and the Salesforce platform. With Salesforce Lightning, email integrations have become easier than ever before. Users can easily use email integration for Microsoft Outlook or Gmail to bring all Salesforce data, call logging, and task management into email user interfaces. It enhanced user efficiency allowing them to work directly from Outlook or Gmail, with all the data they need from Salesforce.

4. Salesforce Lightning Paths

Teams working on Salesforce often need guidance when they are working on complicated opportunities or other objects that have complex processes. Salesforce Lightning Paths is an exclusive feature, which offers guidance to users to work on a sales opportunity. The feature helps Salesforce users to go through complex sales processes by providing the needed guidance. That is how it prompts them to move through predetermined steps on Salesforce.

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5. Salesforce Experience Cloud Communities

Salesforce Experience Cloud has now become the official name for Salesforce communities. It includes the strategic tools used by companies to connect with partners and customers through shared portals on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Lightning Experience makes it easier to create community portals and implement, brand, and maintain them.

The feature offers a powerful drag-and-drop interface, allowing Salesforce users to add new functionality and content to the platform. Salesforce Experience Cloud also made it easier to create beautiful communities easier than ever by providing inbuilt templates.

Uncover Next Generation Salesforce Capabilities with Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning Experience offers features and tools to increase efficiency with Salesforce. With all the above-mentioned exclusive features, it’s recommended for Salesforce users to switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. And for that, the best way is to seek help from certified Salesforce consulting partners with the knowledge and resources you need to move to Salesforce Lightning.


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